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[When the video turns itself on, it's getting on into the day, but thanks to the fog, the room is rather dark. Poland is still asleep, but only barely. He stirs, yawns, stretches, curls closer to Liet, and mumbles:] Is it like, just me or is it kinda cold in here? I totes thought the weather was warming up.

...It's early in the morning, Poland. It will get warmer during the day.

[Poland makes a grumpy little noise and sits up. Then he looks around.] ...Whoa. Like, what the Hell?

What? [Not getting up yet, trying to grab some clothes from under the blankets]

I like, think somebody trashed our room again, Liet! [He gets up, still in his nightshirt, and looks around. Indeed, the room does look pretty trashed. In particular, all the parts that stood out as being Polish have been removed or tampered with. And that includes the Catholic-influenced parts. Poland looks pretty upset as he takes in the scale of the destruction.]

[A brunet head finally emerges from under the blanket as Lithuania sits up a bit too quickly, staring at the room around them, breathing out sharply between clenched teeth. The room looks really horrible, and it doesn't take him long to see that the few items that are still whole are either bland, neutral and generic, or specifically Lithuanian. That means that most of the room is trashed... and... He jumps out of the bed and runs over towards the window, out of the area that the camera covers, to check on their armor.] Poland! Your...

[Whatever it is that's got Liet's attention, Poland is much more focused on trying to upright and clean off the statue of the Virgin from his little prayer area. He glances back towards where Liet went, vaguely.] What...?

[The camera seems to realize that one of the nations has ventured off-screen, because it is zooming out now to catch both of them again. Lithuania is standing in front of the table, holding Poland's armor up, which is painted white all over, as if to censor it. But that is not what caused Lithuania to look as horrified as he does. It's the present that he got from Poland for Christmas, which was lying on top of the set of clothes that he wanted to wear that day and that is very much Polish fashion. There is green paint all over that... someone really had a lot of fun with paint.]

[Poland stares, his mouth opening soundlessly a few times before he manages to say anything.] God. Like... who would even do this? It's seriously uncool!

["Someone who really hates you" is the feeling that is slowly starting to form inside Lithuania's chest, but he won't say that and just shake his head, setting the armor down and trying to save what of the clothes there is to save]

[The room feels bigger, colder, emptier than usual, and Poland seems almost to shrink for a moment. Then he notices the camera light blinking and marches over to the camera, putting his hands on his hips.] Okay, this? Is like, majorly not okay! Seriously, did one of you guys do it or something?
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