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[Barring any horrible mid-event developments, this one stands to become one of Poland's favorites!]

[Okay, the shirtlessness everywhere isn't so much his thing at this point in his life, but he's a merman, living under the water! How cool is that?]

[Right now, he's preening on a rock in a lagoon, brushing his hair and lounging prettily. He just... sort of has a vague feeling that that's how he ought to be behaving, and it suits him just fine.]

Gawd, and with that turtle-guy making the announcement, I thought this one was gonna be a total downer! This isn't so bad~

[Looks for a starfish to use as a hair ornament :3]
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[Loud, panicked whinnying is heard as the communicator turns on. At first, all that can be seen is a rough, earthen floor, but then slim, bloody fingers turn it over carefully.]

[Poland's a bit of a mess. There's dirt, gravel, and blood in his hair, and he's bleeding from his neck enough to make him pale and somewhat disoriented.]

Guys...? [He pauses. It's apparently pretty hard to talk with a neck wound.] ...Masked man. Like. Be careful.

[He trails off, staring into the middle distance for a few moments, evidently just spacing out.]

...Need help with the horses. They won't calm down.

[Miserably:] Liet's gonna worry.
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[The young nation is seated on the counter in the kitchen, with a corked bottle and a small glass.]

So like, I know people disappear all the time, but it defs seems like it's happened a lot lately. Maybe it's just, like, all the earlier ones catching up with me...

It's totally not just me, right? I think most of us, besides maybe the people who just got here, miss someone we knew here now and then. So, like... let's have a party! Like, right now! For the people who are gone, I mean. Nothing big or fancy, nothing that we'll have to prepare for, just like, hanging out and toasting our friends and talking about them. I call first toast, and I've got a few more I wanna make after that, but it's fair game for anybody. So like, come down and hang out for a while. If not for me, then like, for Wolfram and Pakistan and Lawr and Ritsuka and America and whoever you know who's gone.

It'll be awesome. We'll get mega-drunk, and like, talk about how awesome our friends are and do dumb shit. 'Kay? I'll totally see you here.
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[When the camera comes on, Poland is laughing; It seems like he and plushie!Hungary have been having a pretty good time together. He smiles, patting her on her soft little head.]

It's been super cool hanging out, Węgry. I totally wish you weren't just part of an event, you know? And I can't wait to see the real you again.

[Her expression doesn't change, but she seems somehow to grow more stern, batting at his hand angrily with her little, cloth, mitten-like one.]

Oh, don't be like that. I mean, come on! You're like, pretty fab and all, but it's totally not like you can come fighting and drinking with me like the real you... Hey! Quit that! Why are you pulling my hair? What gives?!

[And the video keeps rolling, as Poland tries to get the doll off of his head.]
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...So, like. We've totally been here a year now.

Gawd, how weird is that?

No offense to the people here, but I totally wanna see my people again.
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[In the morning, Poland notices people getting gifts out of their stockings. Curious, he makes his way to his own, which is white on the top half and red on the bottom, with Królestwo Polskie embroidered at the top in red. He gives the note a cursory look and discards it, then digs in... and finds a bundled up apron inside. He's confused for a second, then, cautiously, smells the cloth... Roses?]


[Jadwiga won't be made a saint officially for almost 600 years, but as far as Poland's concerned, he's just been handed a holy relic. Carefully, he folds the cloth up to take it back to his room.]

Also, presents! )
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[OOC: Backdated a couple of hours.]

[In the late hours of Christmas Eve, Poland's communicator keeps switching itself on. He's in his little home chapel, with his candles and Latin Bible and little statue of the Virgin. Anyone who's only familiar with his flightier side might be surprised to see that he's capable of staying more or less still, hour after hour, as he recites his prayers, sings simple hymns, reads aloud quietly from the prophecies of Isaiah and the appropriate sections of gospels, and keeps the candles lit.]

[He'll be festive and excited in the morning, but the vigil, as incomplete as it is without a priest running it, is serious business.]
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[Poland grins at the camera]

Ohhh, I so called it~ Like, who's crazy now?


So, um, I think that last event was pretty hard on Liet and I wanna cheer him up... can anyone like, help me come up with ideas for that? I'm not... really good at, um... yeah.
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[Poland appears to be walking around unsupervised, which the doctors may note that he's not allowed to do, because his delusions include something about being a knight and he's gotten into some pretty heated arguments with the staff. In light of his oppositional-defiant disorder, though, it's probably not all that surprising to see him breaking the rules.]

[He's also wearing one of the pretty dresses that were in his closet, which should at least please the nice men in the white coats who keep trying to get him to accept that he is a she.]

So like, what gives? Is the Queen like, running out of ideas or something? 'Cause the hospital thing is so old news.

And like, why does the name on my door say "Felicja"? That's like, a girls' name! It was locked, too--I like, had to spend forever getting it open!

Well, whatever. Like, how's everyone dealing with this one so far? The food here sucks almost as bad as the last hospital's. Liet, where are you? You should totally make me something.
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[Oh, hey, everyone. Have some Poland in your afternoon! He's stylishly dressed for winter, and actually literally bouncing in excitement.]

It's like, totally Advent! And it's only two days until St. Andrew's Day! There's like, a ton of unmarried girls around here, right? We should like, have a fortune-telling party!

[Pagan traditions? Nonsense! It's a Saint day, duh.]

And we've totally got to have a proper dinner for Christmas and for Christmas Eve... everyone's invited~! Liet and I will probs need extra hands in the kitchen, too, when it comes down to that. Let me know ♥
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[Poland's smile is a little bit forced this time around, but it stays up well enough. He's in his room, dressed like a little prince out of an effort to calm himself down and cheer himself up.]

Hey! So like, does anyone wanna hang out? It's just, it's like, it's been a wicked long time since I've chilled with some of you, and yeah. Let me know, ok? We can like, play dress-up or go riding or just hang and talk or whatever, just... let me know?

Oh. And, um, has anyone seen Liet? [A slight pause, as he remembers that not everyone here knows Lithuania by his nickname, and most of them don't.] Lithuania, I mean. I like, totes haven't seen him since the event, and we said we wouldn't do that whole lame avoiding-each-other-because-of-an-awkward-event thing again, so like, it's starting to wig me out a bit that he hasn't come home yet.

So like, tell me if you've seen him, 'kay? Or if you want to hang.

[He waves a little, then ends the recording.]
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[When the curse hits, Poland is in the kitchen, grabbing a glass of milk and a thick slice of good bread to cure his midnight munchies. He's making his way back home, snack in hand, still unarmed and barefooted and in his pajamas, when he hears the sound of men marching in too-precise unison.]

[Around the corner, about half a dozen soldiers appear, in uniform. Wearing the insignia the Major wore, the one Poland saw all over those history books from the future before he decided to put them away and think on them as little as possible.]

[He's wide-eyed in panic for a moment, then darts into the nearest room to hide. And get a weapon. Not necessarily in that order.]

[Outside, the soldiers begin knocking on doors, searching for him.]

[OOC: Anyone who interacts with Poland WILL NOT RECOGNIZE HIM, and he gives off a sort of aura that make them all instinctively view helping him as far more trouble than it's worth, which is what he's really afraid of. Also, if you live on the first or fifth floor and want to say the room he picked at random to flee into was yours, please do!]
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[The camera catches Poland standing by the broken pieces of his mirror, staring at them in shock. There are faint sounds coming from the shards--fire and cannon blasts, gunshots and the clash of steel, the roar of something distinctly inhuman.]

[That's not what's got Poland's attention, though. What he's focused on is the red pooling underneath the broken glass, on the top of his vanity. ]

...Maybe someone's like, finally turned on her...

[Still not noticing that he's being recorded, the boy drops to his knees and takes his crucifix from around his neck, beginning to whisper in what a few people might recognize as Church!Latin. If the battle comes to this side, he wants to have asked God's favor beforehand.]
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[It's fairly evident that whoever made this post didn't mean to, considering that the majority of what can be seen is a Cheerios skirt. And thigh. There's a lot of thigh, too, very much exposed. And underneath dem thighs, there's another set of legs, and underneath that... one of the library tables?]

[Judging by the deep breathing and lack of panic, the people near the camera have yet to wake up.]
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[Poland is sitting in the broad, stone sill of a window in his and Liet's room, wearing a long, brown kirtle over a robin's egg blue chemise, with a little white half-apron tied in front. Cute, peasant-y, and modest, in a nutshell.]

So is it like, just me, or does this weather make anyone else wanna be out in the fields? It's weird to the max, like, being at this time and not having the smell of cut rye around. Especially after that dream.

I totally never thought I'd say it, but I'm majorly sick of not having any work to do--it's like, seriously, with that little chill in the air and all? Gawd, I just feel like I should be doing something, you know?

I like, guess I'm gonna start taking stuff in from the garden soon--it'll probably be just me and Liet, since Pakistan and Afghanistan bailed on us. But I don't feel like that today... that stuff can totally wait until tomorrow. Who wants to come out to the woods with me? I wanna go looking for nuts and mushrooms! I mean, I know it's like, not really the same when we can just get food from the kitchen and all, but it'll be fun!

Also, Kurt, did you like, ever figure out what we were gonna do that one time and then forgot about it?

Also also, I like, think I'm gonna mull some wine one of these nights. Anyone want some when I do?
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[Poland is going for a walk. Pretty ordinary, except that he's at home. And that the dream keeps switching at random between a bustling city--I don't suppose anyone's been to 15th-century Kraków--and a calm, quiet countryside, seemingly endless fields of late-summer rye dotted only sporadically with settlements, homes, and barns, spanned over by a clear blue sky. The scent of the rye permeates the dream, even the city part.]

[Oh, and besides Poland, everyone's a pretty pony--the workers in the fields, the nobles with their fancy saddles, the peasant girls with flowers in their manes, the merchants lining the city street, everyone. Yay, ponies! His dress is super-pretty, too. Totally the height of 1410 fashion.]

[For some reason--he can't remember why--it feels like a huge relief to be able to feel all of this, his cities and his land and his people, the steady heartbeat of everyday life and the sense of his fields turning from green to gold, getting ready for the harvest.]
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[Private to Kurt, Hackable]

Okay, so like. I totally know I said we'd hang out soon, right? Except I feel like there was something else I said, and I totally can't remember what.


Like, how's everyone doing? Anyone else sketched out over that whole deal with the mouse? 'Cause ohmigod, that totally freaked me out like whoa.

Anyway, like, sorry if I've been totally out of touch the last couple of days. Sleeping, y'know?
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This is so. Not. Cool, you guys.

I've like, got dark circles! This event is total Hell on my skin!

I told you the mansion was trying to steal our beauty sleep, but no--like, no one listened, and look where we are now!
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[Poland is sitting on top of a blanket, out on the patchwork hills. The stars shine brightly in the background.]

So like, how about that last event? Total downer, right? And now the turtle guy's all on about how much the next one's gonna suck...

Bo-ring! I figure we've like, at least got a few hours until the event starts, and it's a nice night, so we should totally enjoy ourselves now~ Come out here and hang out with me! I like, brought beer and wódka and snacks, so we can just hang out and talk and chill ♥


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