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[There are identical letters, slipped under the doors of the following: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Muscovy, Latvia, France, England, America, Pakistan, Roshia, Elaine, Wolfram, Hubb, Iceland, Nitori, Ritsuka, Ryohei, Rose, Nai, and Jean. They're sealed with wax, with two distinct impressions pressed into it--a shield with a crowned eagle on it, and one with a knight on horseback.]

The Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania request your presence at a ceremony to formally recognize their betrothal, to be held on Saturday, the 6th of June, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the tearoom near the library.

Please contact us through the network to inform us of your intention to attend or not to attend!

Awaiting your response,
Królestwo Polskie
Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė

[Wolfram's letter has a post-script, in Poland's hand.]

Are you still Don't be a It would totally mean a lot to us if you came.

[OOC: If we forgot anyone who's close to them or that Liet would think it was political suicide to snub, let us know and I'll add them;;;]
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[So now, Poland's got bright red butterfly wings. Shimmery ones.]

[Needless to say, although he's had to give up on finding a way to make his wings work with his doublets or outer robes without damaging them and his clothes above the waist are limited to (gasp! scandal! No one's even going to notice that it's mildly indecent!) just a shirt, he is so pleased with this new development.]

Ohmigod, guys, check these out! Aren't they like, totally cute? I think this is like, the best event I've been around for, for sure! [Besides the gender swap one, but WHATEVER, he's not going to tell people how much fun he thought that was .D.b]

[Private to Pakistan, totally hackable]

...Hey. Um. I was like, all weird during the last event, and I'm... I'mlikesorryIhityou. 'Kay? Also, I think we should probs talk.

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[Filtered to Wolfram, Hackable] )

[OOC: He's apologizing for ending an argument over whether or not he should confess to Liet by, uh, pointing out that Wolfram's love life is just as painfully unfulfilling as his own. Basically, what happened with the recording is that he set the filter for Wolfram, but didn't realize he was already recording. Because 1410!Poland is so far from understanding modern technology that he's only mostly convinced that the communicators aren't the work of faeries or witches \o/ He's just saying, it would explain a lot about their mischievous tendencies...]
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[Poland looks a little nervous, and continually fidgets with his doublet and his hair as he speaks. He's really not good with strangers, but he figures... if he's, you know, going to be stuck here with all these people, he should try to deal. Hence, trying to introduce himself. So. Yes.]


So, um. Like. I got here like, a week ago and stuff? And it's been way crazy, and it kinda sounds like it always is, to hear people talk, so I figure... um. I like, don't know most of you, so I figure I should probs introduce myself while things are... more quiet than they were before, and junk.

...So yeah. I'm like. Poland.

[Pauses, messing with his hair and not looking directly at the camera.]

...I think that's kinda it. Hi?


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