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Ugh, you have got to be kidding me. On Easter? Really, Wonderland? Totally low. It's like, supposed to be a feast day, not a get feasted on day!

[Catholic trap is so displeased with the theological implications of these shenanigans.]
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[OOC: Backdated a couple of hours.]

[In the late hours of Christmas Eve, Poland's communicator keeps switching itself on. He's in his little home chapel, with his candles and Latin Bible and little statue of the Virgin. Anyone who's only familiar with his flightier side might be surprised to see that he's capable of staying more or less still, hour after hour, as he recites his prayers, sings simple hymns, reads aloud quietly from the prophecies of Isaiah and the appropriate sections of gospels, and keeps the candles lit.]

[He'll be festive and excited in the morning, but the vigil, as incomplete as it is without a priest running it, is serious business.]
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[Oh, hey, everyone. Have some Poland in your afternoon! He's stylishly dressed for winter, and actually literally bouncing in excitement.]

It's like, totally Advent! And it's only two days until St. Andrew's Day! There's like, a ton of unmarried girls around here, right? We should like, have a fortune-telling party!

[Pagan traditions? Nonsense! It's a Saint day, duh.]

And we've totally got to have a proper dinner for Christmas and for Christmas Eve... everyone's invited~! Liet and I will probs need extra hands in the kitchen, too, when it comes down to that. Let me know ♥
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[The camera catches Poland standing by the broken pieces of his mirror, staring at them in shock. There are faint sounds coming from the shards--fire and cannon blasts, gunshots and the clash of steel, the roar of something distinctly inhuman.]

[That's not what's got Poland's attention, though. What he's focused on is the red pooling underneath the broken glass, on the top of his vanity. ]

...Maybe someone's like, finally turned on her...

[Still not noticing that he's being recorded, the boy drops to his knees and takes his crucifix from around his neck, beginning to whisper in what a few people might recognize as Church!Latin. If the battle comes to this side, he wants to have asked God's favor beforehand.]
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[Poland, dressed in his 15th century Sunday best, is in a smallish room bedecked with candles and crosses. Today, it's also decorated with white cloth hangings and flowers everywhere. After all that Lenten fasting, it appears he was able to will his room to have a chapel attached!]

So, um. I know not everyone here is Christian, but... Today's a really important day for those of us who are, and I kinda wanted to share that with people. So like, I wanted to start the day with a reading from Matthew for everyone! And Liet and I have been making tons of sweets and pisanki for today, if anyone wants to come hang out and help us eat them...

But first things first~ [He crosses himself, then picks up a huge, leather-bound Bible with vellum pages, flipping it open to a page he'd marked and beginning to read aloud. His Latin accent is actually pretty good, because he's had a LOT of practice since his baptism over 400 years ago.]

A lesson from the Gospel of Matthew:

Cut OOC for length and gratuitous Latin, because LOL, pre-printing press!Catholics wouldn't be reading the Bible in their native language ;;; )

[He closes the Bible, and holds it up in front of him with a reverent little bow.]

The Gospel of the Lord. Thanks be to God!

[Setting the Bible aside, he gives the camera a happy smile.]

Alleluia, Christ is risen! Happy Easter, everyone ♥

[OOC: I'm... not Catholic, so there are more or less guaranteed to be little errors here. But I tried! And happy Easter to everyone from the mun, too, while I'm OOC note-ing~]


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