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[Poland and Lithuania are in their room, smiling a little bit nervously at the camera. Their hands are twined together and holding on tight.]

Hey! So, um, we like, have something to tell everyone, and it's... kinda majorly important?

[Poland pauses, fidgeting a little bit awkwardly.]

We, um.... We're like... Okay, you know how we're like, engaged and stuff? Ummmm.... We'regonnagetmarriedonlikeTuesday.

[Since he doesn't seem capable of calming down enough to talk (more or less) normally (for him), he looks to Lithuania for help, squeezing his hand again.
Lithuania returns the gesture, squeezing Poland's fingers softly before he turns his full attention to the screen, a happy, excitedly nervous smile on his lips.]

We'd love to invite everyone to the ceremony. It will take place in the ballroom at 2 o'clock, and the celebration will continue until at least midnight.

There's like, gonna be enough for everyone to eat, and music and dancing and stuff afterwards, so you should totally show up!

If anyone would help with the decoration and cooking, please contact me, I would be very glad about it.Also, we would love to have musicians, if anyone could help out with that...

Bring presents!

Hackable Private messages for SIRIUS, IVANOVA, SINCLAIR (yes, Sinclair), NITORI, and PAKISTAN. )
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[Poland has been a busy little trap this event, running around fighting ghouls and helping get everyone in one place to protect them.]

[But what he just learned from Angel's accidentally contacting everyone has set him on a new track. He knows where the Major is. He's a man on a goddamned mission. He needs to get up to that zeppelin. And since he can't ask Elaine anymore...]

Aang, I need your help!
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Okay, so that was like, mega-lame! God, I'm glad I'm over that whole civil wars phase, it was so not cute on me... It was defs pretty hilarious how weird everyone was acting, though~

Anyway, I'm bored again! So like, I know back when we were all girls, I was like, talking with a bunch of people about comparing fashions from our homes and times by dressing each other in clothes from where we're from... How about it? Who wants in? It'll be way fun!

Before that, though, I'm totally going for a ride. Wolfram, wanna come with? It's been forever, ohmigod!

[Locked to the Major, difficult to hack]

You suck.
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[So now, Poland's got bright red butterfly wings. Shimmery ones.]

[Needless to say, although he's had to give up on finding a way to make his wings work with his doublets or outer robes without damaging them and his clothes above the waist are limited to (gasp! scandal! No one's even going to notice that it's mildly indecent!) just a shirt, he is so pleased with this new development.]

Ohmigod, guys, check these out! Aren't they like, totally cute? I think this is like, the best event I've been around for, for sure! [Besides the gender swap one, but WHATEVER, he's not going to tell people how much fun he thought that was .D.b]

[Private to Pakistan, totally hackable]

...Hey. Um. I was like, all weird during the last event, and I'm... I'mlikesorryIhityou. 'Kay? Also, I think we should probs talk.

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[Filtered to Wolfram, Hackable] )

[OOC: He's apologizing for ending an argument over whether or not he should confess to Liet by, uh, pointing out that Wolfram's love life is just as painfully unfulfilling as his own. Basically, what happened with the recording is that he set the filter for Wolfram, but didn't realize he was already recording. Because 1410!Poland is so far from understanding modern technology that he's only mostly convinced that the communicators aren't the work of faeries or witches \o/ He's just saying, it would explain a lot about their mischievous tendencies...]
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[If America has ever seen Poland this serious... it was about seventy years ago, and that's enough said. His eyes are cold, his fist clenched at his side as he looks into the camera, which doesn't completely stop him from looking like a temperamental child. Stupid early-teens body, making it hard to be taken seriously.]

America. Liet and I need your help.

We like, want to learn to fight with guns.
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Liet. We totes need to talk about something, as soon as you get the chance.
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Hey, guys~ You like, wanna help me and Prussia settle something? No big deal, swear to God, just a quick poll and junk.

Who here recognizes me as a legit nation?
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[This entry is locked to those who Poland considers a)friends, and b)people he can talk to about Boy Problems. Liet, since Boy Problems are always his fault, is not included. People like, say, Gokudera, who he likes but doesn't really think would be terribly sympathetic, are also not included. Definitely included are Hungary, Wolfram, Nitori, Elaine, Aerith, America... if you think your character might be included, go ahead and assume they are.]

[Also, if your character can hack at all, they can access this.]


I like, seriously don't wanna hang out here with Liet right now... can I come chill with someone else for a while?

[He hesitates awkwardly for a moment, then shuts off the recording.]


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