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[Guess who was in the kitchen.]

[There are a few smears of blood on the screen from Poland fumbling to turn the communicator on. He leans against the kitchen's doorframe, breath a little heavy, clutching at a point in his side that's leaking red at an alarming pace. Anybody who remembers the time Masky stabbed him in the throat probably isn't too worried for his life, but nonetheless, even he looks pretty upset. This has long since turned personal. Nai...]

Kurwa. Okay, you know what? Like, screw this waiting game! We've got to know who they are by now, right?! I know I know a couple... Let's just, like, go, for the love of Mary!

[He winces a little, glancing at the blood on his hand.]

...Elaine, babe, now would be a bitchin' time for all that backup we talked about.

[If anything's happened to her, Poland doesn't know what he'll do.]
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[Poland doesn't look pleased. He's pacing the stone floor of his room, tugging at his collar the way a fussy cat would.]

I am so, so, so not down with this! If they wanna see us fight, they can come over here and see it up close and personal!

[He turns to his mirror, and makes a very rude gesture that he learned from observation of his future buddies, switching briefly into Polish: You hear that, creeps? You can totally tell your bitch of a queen, too!]

[Aaaand back to common:]
Screw this! I'm totally not going along with it! Who's with me?
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[Poland has been a busy little trap this event, running around fighting ghouls and helping get everyone in one place to protect them.]

[But what he just learned from Angel's accidentally contacting everyone has set him on a new track. He knows where the Major is. He's a man on a goddamned mission. He needs to get up to that zeppelin. And since he can't ask Elaine anymore...]

Aang, I need your help!
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[Poland has built a trebuchet.]

[I'll repeat that, to let it sink in.]

[Poland has built a freaking trebuchet. In the foyer by the main entrance.]

[For the first two nights, he more or less kept his grip on things. But he is tired. He is unsettled by all that screaming. And, between arguing with like half of his friends, the Major being the Major, not being able to find Ryohei's sister, and Elaine blowing up, by nightfall this time, he simply didn't have the sort of mental strength left to resist the paranoia.]

[If he were thinking straight, he'd recognize that more or less everyone has tried and failed to bust out of here in the past few nights. But... he can't. All he can think is that everything is being lame, and he needs to get out now.]

[So he's been pulling heavy things out of the closet in the nearest room, wheeling them over in a cart, and flinging them at the veil with a gorram trebuchet.]

[It's not working. And after growing more and more frustrated and freaked out thanks to the absurd levels of stress, he's forced to take a break so he can move the pile of assorted heavy things that's accumulated in front of the totally unharmed veil from his failed attempts. Because they're getting in the way.]

[He slumps down next to what appears to be the engine of a car (not that he recognizes it), beginning to pound his bare fists against the veil.]

Let me out. LET ME OUT!
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[So the French Foreign Legion? It has cavalry. And as of the Great War, Poland's a little... lacking in official armed forces of his own. Or a home of his own. So he's gotten very used over the last century to working in the armies of sympathetic nations. For Your Freedom and Ours, baby. He'll think it's totes weird after the fact, but for now, this makes complete sense to him.]

[Cavalry Lieutenant Łukasiewicz is therefore pretty comfortable with his situation. Hey, he's got a job. A horse. Liet's around. If it weren't for the fact that they're in some godforsaken desert, why would he bitch?]

[He's riding around, on patrol for escaping POWs or recruits. Feel free to run into him more or less anywhere in or around the camp!]
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[Hey, America. Remember when Poland was all on about going back to his room and behaving?]

[He was lying. Like a dog. He can't believe you bought that, for real!]

[So thanks to, you know, circumstances, Poland's latent proclivity towards delinquency rebellion is manifesting a few centuries earlier than it otherwise might have. Germany, Prussia, Russia, and Austria would all probably be utterly unsurprised to know that he's gotten himself mixed up with the little insurgent movement that's forming, and, having done some highly inadvisable improvised explosive stuff with black powder to open his door (since it's the only explosive he knows of, and the battering ram thing wasn't working so hot this time, and he couldn't reach any pickable lock, and the sliding-the-bolt-up-with-something-thin trick didn't turn out so great either), is now is out roaming the halls and making trouble.]

[Lavi wanted a distraction, and if they need more distracting than an armor-clad trap walking around, crossbows akimbo, shooting cameras and setting off alarms all over the place and grinning... Well, he could doubtless come up with something, but that seems like enough for now ♥]

[Various video cameras, both America's and the Mansion's, might pick up glances of him, just before they get crossbow'd into utter nonfunctionality, either with a bolt or a heavy blow from the butt end. He might not be technologically advanced, but by God, he can smash stuff!]


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