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[Okay. Okay, so Dave has pretty much been... just sort of not noticing or ignoring his attention so far, he guesses? Which is lame, but he has another plan up his flower-covered, voluminous sleeve!]

So, like, I've been thinking! [Off to a good start, not looking too nervous yet...]

Okay, so last time I was here, I went, like, two years without any kind of boss, right, and it was super weird! And I'm totally an elective monarchy now--well, Liet and I are, but I think I still outvote him?--which means I basically get to pick whoever I want to rule, so, like... [Aaaaaand now comes the flustering! He stammers a couple of times, then finally manages to spit it out, blushing furiously.]

I-I totally want Dave to be my king!
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[Poland doesn't look pleased. He's pacing the stone floor of his room, tugging at his collar the way a fussy cat would.]

I am so, so, so not down with this! If they wanna see us fight, they can come over here and see it up close and personal!

[He turns to his mirror, and makes a very rude gesture that he learned from observation of his future buddies, switching briefly into Polish: You hear that, creeps? You can totally tell your bitch of a queen, too!]

[Aaaand back to common:]
Screw this! I'm totally not going along with it! Who's with me?
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[It's fairly evident that whoever made this post didn't mean to, considering that the majority of what can be seen is a Cheerios skirt. And thigh. There's a lot of thigh, too, very much exposed. And underneath dem thighs, there's another set of legs, and underneath that... one of the library tables?]

[Judging by the deep breathing and lack of panic, the people near the camera have yet to wake up.]
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[So it turns out that knowing when you grow up everything you love is going to be repeatedly torn away from you can sort of be a big deal. And knowing Poland, he's managed to run into trouble by now.]

[The communicator turns itself on to show him by the stables, fists clenched tightly as he tries to calm himself, head hung low enough that his hair hides his expression entirely.]

He's gone. They're gone. They--The Major, and Prussia, and Russia, even Germany they're--they aren't here, so they like, can't hurt us here anymore, so there's totally no reason to...

Everything. They're going to take everything from me...!

[He shivers violently, and the spots show themselves in the air around him.]

I won't let them. I WON'T LET THEM! They can't treat my people that way--they can't take Liet away--I won't let it happen!
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[Poland has been a busy little trap this event, running around fighting ghouls and helping get everyone in one place to protect them.]

[But what he just learned from Angel's accidentally contacting everyone has set him on a new track. He knows where the Major is. He's a man on a goddamned mission. He needs to get up to that zeppelin. And since he can't ask Elaine anymore...]

Aang, I need your help!
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[Someone's been avoiding everyone the mansion in a fit of awkward and angst since the mirrors showed up!]

[There's really just too much for Poland to deal with right now. His friend-breakup with Elaine, his encounter with Mirror Lithuania, the knowledge that Mirror Poland was free to scare Aang and hurt Nai and maybe do bad things to his other friends... He's curled up underneath his cloak in a corner of the overgrown garden at the edge of the forest, where he's been hiding out today.]

[The knowledge that his memories were able to disrupt the Mansion itself helps him, gives him hope, makes him feel more powerful. But...]

...I like, can't believe I forgot about them. I just... forgot. My own people... A nation totally shouldn't...

Gawd, this is lame.

Um. Is everyone like, okay and stuff? Apparently my mirror was a mega-bitch to some of you, so like. Uh. Yeah. Everybody cool?
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[Poland stumbles as he makes his way through the fifth floor corridor. He looks utterly drained and exhausted.]

Gawd, that was like, a total suckfest... [Sigh] Oh, well, whatevs.

[He opens the door to his room, damned near falling in as he calls out to Liet.]

I'm like, hoooooome...
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[So, if your character is friends with Poland, they might notice that he hasn't been speaking to them since the event ended.]

[That includes everyone. Yes, even Liet. Poland is so thoroughly embarrassed about everything he did under the influence of the event--including but not limited to crushing on Korea, agreeing to marry Wolfram, hitting Pakistan, weeping girlishly on pretty much everyone he knows, and (most crucially, he feels) losing his first kiss to someone he isn't into, then failing to recognize Liet and confessing his feelings to him while he thought he was a stranger--that he really can't deal with anyone yet.]

[He... He just doesn't even.]

[So as soon as he regained his sanity, he scurried off to a room about as far from his and Liet's room as possible, and barricaded himself inside. He hasn't been responding to network posts, and until now, he hasn't so much as set foot outside of the room.]

[Unfortunately, his "pretend I don't exist" plan is not flawless. He can't stay in there forever. After all, the horses need feeding!]

[...Oh, and so does Poland. So, late at night, he sneeeeeaks out of the room and down the stairs, to take care of the horses and grab food for the next day. He just hopes no one will see him... Ruin that hope for him, plz?]
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[Well. That was that.]

[Explosions survived, evil lunatic killed, and whatnot.]

[The only problem now was going to be sneaking back in to the room where he'd left Lithuania sleeping, so soon after yet another "Poland, you need to be more careful" scolding. With scorched armor, scrapes and bruises everywhere, and no small bit of blood on his sword and armor.]

[...He's... just going to stall for a little bit. Because he doesn't want to get scolded again, and doesn't want to explain just why it was that he had to run off and fight for fear of worrying Liet, and... yes. Stalling.]

[In the interest of killing time, he heads down to the kitchen. He doesn't really feel like cooking, but whatever. Maybe he will when he gets there. Or maybe he'll get a drink and relax a bit. Whichever.]
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[Hey, America. Remember when Poland was all on about going back to his room and behaving?]

[He was lying. Like a dog. He can't believe you bought that, for real!]

[So thanks to, you know, circumstances, Poland's latent proclivity towards delinquency rebellion is manifesting a few centuries earlier than it otherwise might have. Germany, Prussia, Russia, and Austria would all probably be utterly unsurprised to know that he's gotten himself mixed up with the little insurgent movement that's forming, and, having done some highly inadvisable improvised explosive stuff with black powder to open his door (since it's the only explosive he knows of, and the battering ram thing wasn't working so hot this time, and he couldn't reach any pickable lock, and the sliding-the-bolt-up-with-something-thin trick didn't turn out so great either), is now is out roaming the halls and making trouble.]

[Lavi wanted a distraction, and if they need more distracting than an armor-clad trap walking around, crossbows akimbo, shooting cameras and setting off alarms all over the place and grinning... Well, he could doubtless come up with something, but that seems like enough for now ♥]

[Various video cameras, both America's and the Mansion's, might pick up glances of him, just before they get crossbow'd into utter nonfunctionality, either with a bolt or a heavy blow from the butt end. He might not be technologically advanced, but by God, he can smash stuff!]


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