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[The video clicks on to show the Polish exchange student standing in front of a mirror, dressed in the girls' uniform and busily primping for his day. He slips a pair of red and white barrettes into his hair, applies lip gloss (pausing to make a couple of faces at the mirror), makes sure his socks are pulled up to his knees...]

[An alarm clock beeps, and he jumps a little.]

Oh, kurwa, is it that late already? God! Why didn't Liet wake me up earlier?

[Probably because it was impossible. He pulls his shoes on, grabs his bag and communicator, and darts out of the door, hoping to be only a LITTLE late to class.]
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[Barring any horrible mid-event developments, this one stands to become one of Poland's favorites!]

[Okay, the shirtlessness everywhere isn't so much his thing at this point in his life, but he's a merman, living under the water! How cool is that?]

[Right now, he's preening on a rock in a lagoon, brushing his hair and lounging prettily. He just... sort of has a vague feeling that that's how he ought to be behaving, and it suits him just fine.]

Gawd, and with that turtle-guy making the announcement, I thought this one was gonna be a total downer! This isn't so bad~

[Looks for a starfish to use as a hair ornament :3]
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[Poland is going for a walk. Pretty ordinary, except that he's at home. And that the dream keeps switching at random between a bustling city--I don't suppose anyone's been to 15th-century Kraków--and a calm, quiet countryside, seemingly endless fields of late-summer rye dotted only sporadically with settlements, homes, and barns, spanned over by a clear blue sky. The scent of the rye permeates the dream, even the city part.]

[Oh, and besides Poland, everyone's a pretty pony--the workers in the fields, the nobles with their fancy saddles, the peasant girls with flowers in their manes, the merchants lining the city street, everyone. Yay, ponies! His dress is super-pretty, too. Totally the height of 1410 fashion.]

[For some reason--he can't remember why--it feels like a huge relief to be able to feel all of this, his cities and his land and his people, the steady heartbeat of everyday life and the sense of his fields turning from green to gold, getting ready for the harvest.]
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[So now, Poland's got bright red butterfly wings. Shimmery ones.]

[Needless to say, although he's had to give up on finding a way to make his wings work with his doublets or outer robes without damaging them and his clothes above the waist are limited to (gasp! scandal! No one's even going to notice that it's mildly indecent!) just a shirt, he is so pleased with this new development.]

Ohmigod, guys, check these out! Aren't they like, totally cute? I think this is like, the best event I've been around for, for sure! [Besides the gender swap one, but WHATEVER, he's not going to tell people how much fun he thought that was .D.b]

[Private to Pakistan, totally hackable]

...Hey. Um. I was like, all weird during the last event, and I'm... I'mlikesorryIhityou. 'Kay? Also, I think we should probs talk.

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[Poland is alone in his room, looking contemplatively at a little pile of clothing from the last event. After a few long moments, he goes and takes a dress off of the top of the pile, conveniently wandering offscreen as he changes. He returns to the screen a moment later, to take a little container of lip gloss out from under his mattress and apply it to his lips. When he's finished, he looks at himself in the mirror, straightening his hair and skirts.]

...I so still rock this.

[Little smile!]

[...The hilarious/sad part of this is how he really thinks this is some big secret. When most of the modern nations have seen him in WAY less modest skirts.]
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[Those of you who have seen Poland before may notice that... not all that much has changed.]

[She's a little shorter than she was as a he. A little more delicate-looking, but only if you squint. Her hips are just slightly wider, and the shape of her chest suggests that someday, in a theoretical future, she may be slightly less flat than a washboard. Maybe. And of course, now that she has anything resembling a chance to indulge in her love of pretty things and feeling pretty, she's got a lovely, modest cotehardie and surcoat thing going on. With the matching veil, natch--what does she look like, a whore?]

So like, how lame and unfair is it that everybody looks so much more grown up than me now that we're finally women? Unfair, or like. Mega-super-wicked-ohmigawd unfair?

Whatever, though. Look! Isn't this just the cutest? [Swishes her skirts happily] Gawd, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this~

[OOC: Yes, I know, I post too much, but... but event!]


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