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[Poland's smile is a little bit forced this time around, but it stays up well enough. He's in his room, dressed like a little prince out of an effort to calm himself down and cheer himself up.]

Hey! So like, does anyone wanna hang out? It's just, it's like, it's been a wicked long time since I've chilled with some of you, and yeah. Let me know, ok? We can like, play dress-up or go riding or just hang and talk or whatever, just... let me know?

Oh. And, um, has anyone seen Liet? [A slight pause, as he remembers that not everyone here knows Lithuania by his nickname, and most of them don't.] Lithuania, I mean. I like, totes haven't seen him since the event, and we said we wouldn't do that whole lame avoiding-each-other-because-of-an-awkward-event thing again, so like, it's starting to wig me out a bit that he hasn't come home yet.

So like, tell me if you've seen him, 'kay? Or if you want to hang.

[He waves a little, then ends the recording.]
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[Poland is sitting on top of a blanket, out on the patchwork hills. The stars shine brightly in the background.]

So like, how about that last event? Total downer, right? And now the turtle guy's all on about how much the next one's gonna suck...

Bo-ring! I figure we've like, at least got a few hours until the event starts, and it's a nice night, so we should totally enjoy ourselves now~ Come out here and hang out with me! I like, brought beer and wódka and snacks, so we can just hang out and talk and chill ♥
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[Poland and Lithuania are in their room, smiling a little bit nervously at the camera. Their hands are twined together and holding on tight.]

Hey! So, um, we like, have something to tell everyone, and it's... kinda majorly important?

[Poland pauses, fidgeting a little bit awkwardly.]

We, um.... We're like... Okay, you know how we're like, engaged and stuff? Ummmm.... We'regonnagetmarriedonlikeTuesday.

[Since he doesn't seem capable of calming down enough to talk (more or less) normally (for him), he looks to Lithuania for help, squeezing his hand again.
Lithuania returns the gesture, squeezing Poland's fingers softly before he turns his full attention to the screen, a happy, excitedly nervous smile on his lips.]

We'd love to invite everyone to the ceremony. It will take place in the ballroom at 2 o'clock, and the celebration will continue until at least midnight.

There's like, gonna be enough for everyone to eat, and music and dancing and stuff afterwards, so you should totally show up!

If anyone would help with the decoration and cooking, please contact me, I would be very glad about it.Also, we would love to have musicians, if anyone could help out with that...

Bring presents!

Hackable Private messages for SIRIUS, IVANOVA, SINCLAIR (yes, Sinclair), NITORI, and PAKISTAN. )
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[There are identical letters, slipped under the doors of the following: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Muscovy, Latvia, France, England, America, Pakistan, Roshia, Elaine, Wolfram, Hubb, Iceland, Nitori, Ritsuka, Ryohei, Rose, Nai, and Jean. They're sealed with wax, with two distinct impressions pressed into it--a shield with a crowned eagle on it, and one with a knight on horseback.]

The Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania request your presence at a ceremony to formally recognize their betrothal, to be held on Saturday, the 6th of June, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the tearoom near the library.

Please contact us through the network to inform us of your intention to attend or not to attend!

Awaiting your response,
Królestwo Polskie
Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė

[Wolfram's letter has a post-script, in Poland's hand.]

Are you still Don't be a It would totally mean a lot to us if you came.

[OOC: If we forgot anyone who's close to them or that Liet would think it was political suicide to snub, let us know and I'll add them;;;]


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