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[Today's Poland is coming at you from the libary, where he's seated with a large number of fashion and fashion history books piled around him. After a year here studying future-fashion in his offtime, he seems to have made it at least to the 1960s, as he's dressed in a pair of jeans like America showed him and an embroidered peasant blouse, a bright red poppy tucked behind one ear and holding his bangs back on that side, his feet bare.]

I'm so down with us having a party where I'm not talking to colors the whole time... But guys, I totally can't decide what I'm gonna wear! You should like, come down and help me pick~
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[Well. That was that.]

[Explosions survived, evil lunatic killed, and whatnot.]

[The only problem now was going to be sneaking back in to the room where he'd left Lithuania sleeping, so soon after yet another "Poland, you need to be more careful" scolding. With scorched armor, scrapes and bruises everywhere, and no small bit of blood on his sword and armor.]

[...He's... just going to stall for a little bit. Because he doesn't want to get scolded again, and doesn't want to explain just why it was that he had to run off and fight for fear of worrying Liet, and... yes. Stalling.]

[In the interest of killing time, he heads down to the kitchen. He doesn't really feel like cooking, but whatever. Maybe he will when he gets there. Or maybe he'll get a drink and relax a bit. Whichever.]


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