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[When the feed comes on, you can hear a voice that sounds... vaguely familiar to those that remember Lithuania, though it sounds older, more settled into the pitch that it has than it was before. It also seems to be headed away from the microphone]

...don't remember ever having seen this place before. We must have taken the wrong turn somewhere - I just hope that we didn't manage to end up taking the entirely wrong directio- Poland? [A horse's snorting can be heard when the brunet makes his horse turn to look back at his partner who wasn't following him anymore.]

[Another voice answers him, one that sounds a little shaky. It's easily recognizable to a fair portion of the mansion, though it's a little bit lower than it used to be.] God. Liet, just like... wait a sec, okay? I think I might... No, I totally know where we are.

[There is a pause, and when Lithuania speaks again, he seems to be right next to Poland. There is a rustling of fabric - Lithuania laid one hand on Poland's arm. His voice sounds worried now.] Poland? What- are you all right?

Yeah! [A little too rushed, a little too emphatic. Nervous. He tries again.] Yeah, for sure, I just--It's like, been a really long time, and I'm just... like, remembering.

You were here before?

[The feed cuts off, but a few minutes later, the video turns on. Poland is a little less round in the face than before, but instantly recognizable.] ...Elaine? Nai? ...Gokudera? Like, is... is everyone still here? How long...

[[OOC: We decided to bring them back before the event starts :P]
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So like, I just realized, it's been a wicked long time since I talked to... ummm, most of you, I guess. My bad! I just kinda didn't feel like hanging out, so, whatever.

What's everyone been doing? I'm bored to the max. Not too psyched about the new event, though, if it's got to do with the mirrors.


Umm, by the way, it's like, almost me and Liet's anniversary? And I'm kinda wondering, I don't know, what I should do for it. Like... should I try and make him something, or what? I totally haven't really ever had an anniversary before, so like, um, yeah.
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[The video clicks on to show the Polish exchange student standing in front of a mirror, dressed in the girls' uniform and busily primping for his day. He slips a pair of red and white barrettes into his hair, applies lip gloss (pausing to make a couple of faces at the mirror), makes sure his socks are pulled up to his knees...]

[An alarm clock beeps, and he jumps a little.]

Oh, kurwa, is it that late already? God! Why didn't Liet wake me up earlier?

[Probably because it was impossible. He pulls his shoes on, grabs his bag and communicator, and darts out of the door, hoping to be only a LITTLE late to class.]
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So I'm like, super not in the mood for a party right now. I totally think I'm gonna sit this one out, 'kays?

[He's just going to stay home, take care of his husband, and guard him with his life.]

[And try not to die again. God.]

[OOC: Yeaaaah, I know we're still backdating the mirror shenanigans, but those are all supposed to happen in the first day or two that the mirrors were around, so. He's back to life, not that he's let anybody know about the dying in the first place, besides Liet.]
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[Poland grins at the camera]

Ohhh, I so called it~ Like, who's crazy now?


So, um, I think that last event was pretty hard on Liet and I wanna cheer him up... can anyone like, help me come up with ideas for that? I'm not... really good at, um... yeah.
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[Poland appears to be walking around unsupervised, which the doctors may note that he's not allowed to do, because his delusions include something about being a knight and he's gotten into some pretty heated arguments with the staff. In light of his oppositional-defiant disorder, though, it's probably not all that surprising to see him breaking the rules.]

[He's also wearing one of the pretty dresses that were in his closet, which should at least please the nice men in the white coats who keep trying to get him to accept that he is a she.]

So like, what gives? Is the Queen like, running out of ideas or something? 'Cause the hospital thing is so old news.

And like, why does the name on my door say "Felicja"? That's like, a girls' name! It was locked, too--I like, had to spend forever getting it open!

Well, whatever. Like, how's everyone dealing with this one so far? The food here sucks almost as bad as the last hospital's. Liet, where are you? You should totally make me something.
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[Poland and Lithuania are in their room, smiling a little bit nervously at the camera. Their hands are twined together and holding on tight.]

Hey! So, um, we like, have something to tell everyone, and it's... kinda majorly important?

[Poland pauses, fidgeting a little bit awkwardly.]

We, um.... We're like... Okay, you know how we're like, engaged and stuff? Ummmm.... We'regonnagetmarriedonlikeTuesday.

[Since he doesn't seem capable of calming down enough to talk (more or less) normally (for him), he looks to Lithuania for help, squeezing his hand again.
Lithuania returns the gesture, squeezing Poland's fingers softly before he turns his full attention to the screen, a happy, excitedly nervous smile on his lips.]

We'd love to invite everyone to the ceremony. It will take place in the ballroom at 2 o'clock, and the celebration will continue until at least midnight.

There's like, gonna be enough for everyone to eat, and music and dancing and stuff afterwards, so you should totally show up!

If anyone would help with the decoration and cooking, please contact me, I would be very glad about it.Also, we would love to have musicians, if anyone could help out with that...

Bring presents!

Hackable Private messages for SIRIUS, IVANOVA, SINCLAIR (yes, Sinclair), NITORI, and PAKISTAN. )


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