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[When the feed comes on, you can hear a voice that sounds... vaguely familiar to those that remember Lithuania, though it sounds older, more settled into the pitch that it has than it was before. It also seems to be headed away from the microphone]

...don't remember ever having seen this place before. We must have taken the wrong turn somewhere - I just hope that we didn't manage to end up taking the entirely wrong directio- Poland? [A horse's snorting can be heard when the brunet makes his horse turn to look back at his partner who wasn't following him anymore.]

[Another voice answers him, one that sounds a little shaky. It's easily recognizable to a fair portion of the mansion, though it's a little bit lower than it used to be.] God. Liet, just like... wait a sec, okay? I think I might... No, I totally know where we are.

[There is a pause, and when Lithuania speaks again, he seems to be right next to Poland. There is a rustling of fabric - Lithuania laid one hand on Poland's arm. His voice sounds worried now.] Poland? What- are you all right?

Yeah! [A little too rushed, a little too emphatic. Nervous. He tries again.] Yeah, for sure, I just--It's like, been a really long time, and I'm just... like, remembering.

You were here before?

[The feed cuts off, but a few minutes later, the video turns on. Poland is a little less round in the face than before, but instantly recognizable.] ...Elaine? Nai? ...Gokudera? Like, is... is everyone still here? How long...

[[OOC: We decided to bring them back before the event starts :P]
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[Someone hasn't been seen around much lately.]

[As a matter of fact, around the twelfth of August, he fell completely out of contact with everyone. He hasn't been seen outside of his room... which hasn't been empty, but it's been locked, with no response from inside.]

[Someone hasn't been taking the disappearance of his husband very well.]

[But it's gotten loud enough outside that Poland has finally decided to make a little bit of contact with everyone else, even if he's not sure he's ready to actually leave his room. He's dressed in his nightgown, which makes him look a little like an angel in a Christmas pageant, his hair messier than he'd normally allow it to be seen. He looks... skinny. Not just youthfully slim like usual, like he's been forgetting to eat.]

Um, like... Guys? What's even going on out there...?
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So I'm like, super not in the mood for a party right now. I totally think I'm gonna sit this one out, 'kays?

[He's just going to stay home, take care of his husband, and guard him with his life.]

[And try not to die again. God.]

[OOC: Yeaaaah, I know we're still backdating the mirror shenanigans, but those are all supposed to happen in the first day or two that the mirrors were around, so. He's back to life, not that he's let anybody know about the dying in the first place, besides Liet.]
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Cut for length! )
[Poland stares, his mouth opening soundlessly a few times before he manages to say anything.] God. Like... who would even do this? It's seriously uncool!

["Someone who really hates you" is the feeling that is slowly starting to form inside Lithuania's chest, but he won't say that and just shake his head, setting the armor down and trying to save what of the clothes there is to save]

[The room feels bigger, colder, emptier than usual, and Poland seems almost to shrink for a moment. Then he notices the camera light blinking and marches over to the camera, putting his hands on his hips.] Okay, this? Is like, majorly not okay! Seriously, did one of you guys do it or something?
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[Poland's smile is a little bit forced this time around, but it stays up well enough. He's in his room, dressed like a little prince out of an effort to calm himself down and cheer himself up.]

Hey! So like, does anyone wanna hang out? It's just, it's like, it's been a wicked long time since I've chilled with some of you, and yeah. Let me know, ok? We can like, play dress-up or go riding or just hang and talk or whatever, just... let me know?

Oh. And, um, has anyone seen Liet? [A slight pause, as he remembers that not everyone here knows Lithuania by his nickname, and most of them don't.] Lithuania, I mean. I like, totes haven't seen him since the event, and we said we wouldn't do that whole lame avoiding-each-other-because-of-an-awkward-event thing again, so like, it's starting to wig me out a bit that he hasn't come home yet.

So like, tell me if you've seen him, 'kay? Or if you want to hang.

[He waves a little, then ends the recording.]
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[Someone's been avoiding everyone the mansion in a fit of awkward and angst since the mirrors showed up!]

[There's really just too much for Poland to deal with right now. His friend-breakup with Elaine, his encounter with Mirror Lithuania, the knowledge that Mirror Poland was free to scare Aang and hurt Nai and maybe do bad things to his other friends... He's curled up underneath his cloak in a corner of the overgrown garden at the edge of the forest, where he's been hiding out today.]

[The knowledge that his memories were able to disrupt the Mansion itself helps him, gives him hope, makes him feel more powerful. But...]

...I like, can't believe I forgot about them. I just... forgot. My own people... A nation totally shouldn't...

Gawd, this is lame.

Um. Is everyone like, okay and stuff? Apparently my mirror was a mega-bitch to some of you, so like. Uh. Yeah. Everybody cool?
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[OOC: My internet connection's been... spotty, the past couple of days. Pretend I posted this like, a day or so ago? ;;;]

[Poland is holding his communicator as he walks through the hallways, seemingly searching for something]

Okay, so this is like, weird to the max. I like, wake up this morning, right, and I guess I overslept, and you know, that happens, whatevs. But anyway, Liet's not there, and I figure, okay, he like, probably got up to do chores, 'cause he does that. So I hang around the room for like... ever, and he still doesn't show!

So then I like, start getting way hungry, and I go downstairs, and it's kinda late so I don't really think he'll be in the kitchen 'cause he probably ate--except it would have been majorly rude of him to have breakfast without even texting to see if I wanted some, and he's usually all stuffy about manners and junk. And he's not, so I like, eat by myself, and then I figure while I'm walking around I can go see where he went.

Except I totally couldn't! He like, wasn't in the library, or with the horses, or in the woods, or anywhere! I'm like, kinda flipping out like whoa about this... Has anybody seen him?
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[It's hard to tell whether or not to be surprised at how well Poland has taken to his new role as a wife and mother. Sure, he's a little fail at most chores, but that's what delegating to the kid and making puppy eyes at the husband is for, right?]

[Besides, there's some domestic stuff that he's awesome at! Like making clothes for his family! He's happily curled up in a sunny nook somewhere, dressed like a proper lady, with an embroidery hoop, a basket of sewing supplies, and a skirt that he's working on tossed over his lap.]

Shuuichi, like, what color flowers did you want your new skirt to have? It's almost done~ I'm way excited to see what it'll look like on you!

And Liet, dear, I want to have my brothers and their families over for supper. Pakistan can like, come too, I guess. You'll totally help me in the kitchen, though, right? [Smile!]

Wolfram, Ritsuka, Augustus, everyone... you totally heard that, right? Come over to our place for dinner! It's been way too long since we were all together!

[OOC: Judging by other family relations, he ought to be brothers or in-laws with Seimei (Ritsuka's brother) and Cohen-and-Bambha (Oswald's parents, since Oswald is his kid's cousin and therefore his nephew) as well as the people he listed by name.]
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[There are identical letters, slipped under the doors of the following: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Muscovy, Latvia, France, England, America, Pakistan, Roshia, Elaine, Wolfram, Hubb, Iceland, Nitori, Ritsuka, Ryohei, Rose, Nai, and Jean. They're sealed with wax, with two distinct impressions pressed into it--a shield with a crowned eagle on it, and one with a knight on horseback.]

The Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania request your presence at a ceremony to formally recognize their betrothal, to be held on Saturday, the 6th of June, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the tearoom near the library.

Please contact us through the network to inform us of your intention to attend or not to attend!

Awaiting your response,
Królestwo Polskie
Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė

[Wolfram's letter has a post-script, in Poland's hand.]

Are you still Don't be a It would totally mean a lot to us if you came.

[OOC: If we forgot anyone who's close to them or that Liet would think it was political suicide to snub, let us know and I'll add them;;;]
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[So, if your character is friends with Poland, they might notice that he hasn't been speaking to them since the event ended.]

[That includes everyone. Yes, even Liet. Poland is so thoroughly embarrassed about everything he did under the influence of the event--including but not limited to crushing on Korea, agreeing to marry Wolfram, hitting Pakistan, weeping girlishly on pretty much everyone he knows, and (most crucially, he feels) losing his first kiss to someone he isn't into, then failing to recognize Liet and confessing his feelings to him while he thought he was a stranger--that he really can't deal with anyone yet.]

[He... He just doesn't even.]

[So as soon as he regained his sanity, he scurried off to a room about as far from his and Liet's room as possible, and barricaded himself inside. He hasn't been responding to network posts, and until now, he hasn't so much as set foot outside of the room.]

[Unfortunately, his "pretend I don't exist" plan is not flawless. He can't stay in there forever. After all, the horses need feeding!]

[...Oh, and so does Poland. So, late at night, he sneeeeeaks out of the room and down the stairs, to take care of the horses and grab food for the next day. He just hopes no one will see him... Ruin that hope for him, plz?]
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[This entry is locked to those who Poland considers a)friends, and b)people he can talk to about Boy Problems. Liet, since Boy Problems are always his fault, is not included. People like, say, Gokudera, who he likes but doesn't really think would be terribly sympathetic, are also not included. Definitely included are Hungary, Wolfram, Nitori, Elaine, Aerith, America... if you think your character might be included, go ahead and assume they are.]

[Also, if your character can hack at all, they can access this.]


I like, seriously don't wanna hang out here with Liet right now... can I come chill with someone else for a while?

[He hesitates awkwardly for a moment, then shuts off the recording.]
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[The feed switches on and YAY this time it isn't an accidental one, but very obviously set up. Lithuania smiles nervously and throws a look at Poland, as if asking for reassurance. Then he turns back towards to the screen and his smile is much more confident.]

 Even with all the letters gone, there are two which are still here and... We wanted to show them to everyone first before we break the seal, because even if most of you have never met them, they are very precious to us and we wanted everyone to see them.

[Poland wanders on screen holding two letters, both of them folded and sealed in red wax. He hands one, with a picture of a knight on the back of a reared-back horse impressed in the wax next to a second seal of a shield with a double-barred cross, to Lithuania. The other, which he holds on to, also has two seals--one shield with a crowned eagle, and one with wide horizontal stripes on the left half and fleurs-de-lis on the right. He holds his like it's something fragile and precious, something that might disappear if he isn't careful.]

They're totally from our bosses! ...Well, okay, his is from our boss, and mine's like, from our boss's late wife. But same diff, right? Cut OOC for length! )
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[The video feed turns on, to show a close-up of a boy in his mid-teens, who is frowning in confusion and tapping the display] --totally weird thing over here, Liet, seriously. Like, what is it even supposed to be?

[The voice comes first, and shortly after the head of another boy of about the same age appears, this one brunet and not blond, peeking over the first boy's shoulder]
It looks a bit like a stone, but I don't think... [He pokes the screen tentatively.] Maybe some kind of jewelry, or... I've never seen a religious artifact like that.

There's a little light here, but it's like, not even warm. That's majorly freaky. [The blond looks thoughtful for a moment longer, then shrugs.] Well, whatevs. We should like, be close to home by now, right? It's wicked cold, we totally have to hurry to get the harvesting done...

We're already late - [The brunet stands up and you see parts of a dirty, blood stained suit of armor. And then there is a sharp intake of breath, and he sounds alarmed.] Poland.
[He stares at the snow only a few feet away.]

[The blond--Poland--looks at his friend in mild alarm, then follows his gaze, and his eyes go wide and panicked. His voice is also worried all of a sudden.] ....At this time of year? We like, can't have been on the road that long! Teutonic's place isn't that far away! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, what about the crops?!

[Lithuania sounds like he's trying not to completely panic.] If we hurry, we might still be able to save something!

[Poland is still kind of freaking out, but takes a deep breath.]
Right... Right, but we totally have to hurry!


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