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[When the feed comes on, you can hear a voice that sounds... vaguely familiar to those that remember Lithuania, though it sounds older, more settled into the pitch that it has than it was before. It also seems to be headed away from the microphone]

...don't remember ever having seen this place before. We must have taken the wrong turn somewhere - I just hope that we didn't manage to end up taking the entirely wrong directio- Poland? [A horse's snorting can be heard when the brunet makes his horse turn to look back at his partner who wasn't following him anymore.]

[Another voice answers him, one that sounds a little shaky. It's easily recognizable to a fair portion of the mansion, though it's a little bit lower than it used to be.] God. Liet, just like... wait a sec, okay? I think I might... No, I totally know where we are.

[There is a pause, and when Lithuania speaks again, he seems to be right next to Poland. There is a rustling of fabric - Lithuania laid one hand on Poland's arm. His voice sounds worried now.] Poland? What- are you all right?

Yeah! [A little too rushed, a little too emphatic. Nervous. He tries again.] Yeah, for sure, I just--It's like, been a really long time, and I'm just... like, remembering.

You were here before?

[The feed cuts off, but a few minutes later, the video turns on. Poland is a little less round in the face than before, but instantly recognizable.] ...Elaine? Nai? ...Gokudera? Like, is... is everyone still here? How long...

[[OOC: We decided to bring them back before the event starts :P]
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...So, like. We've totally been here a year now.

Gawd, how weird is that?

No offense to the people here, but I totally wanna see my people again.
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[Someone's been avoiding everyone the mansion in a fit of awkward and angst since the mirrors showed up!]

[There's really just too much for Poland to deal with right now. His friend-breakup with Elaine, his encounter with Mirror Lithuania, the knowledge that Mirror Poland was free to scare Aang and hurt Nai and maybe do bad things to his other friends... He's curled up underneath his cloak in a corner of the overgrown garden at the edge of the forest, where he's been hiding out today.]

[The knowledge that his memories were able to disrupt the Mansion itself helps him, gives him hope, makes him feel more powerful. But...]

...I like, can't believe I forgot about them. I just... forgot. My own people... A nation totally shouldn't...

Gawd, this is lame.

Um. Is everyone like, okay and stuff? Apparently my mirror was a mega-bitch to some of you, so like. Uh. Yeah. Everybody cool?
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[Poland is sleeping in a random room with the door barricaded, as he has been for a lot of the time since his return to the normal side of the mirrors. There's still a lot that he doesn't remember, though it's been coming back to him in bits and pieces. Plus, he's worn out from his ordeal with the Queen, and bummed about his encounter with Mirror Elaine, and he's probably hiding from Mirror Lithuania by this point, and he doesn't even know half the shit Mirror Poland got up to and he's already sick of it.]

[The camera gives a clear view of his face. His sleep is fitful, and he seems to have tangled himself up in the blankets as he struggles against some unseen trouble. Every so often, a little wisp of memory will circle the room, enter into him, and disappear. He seems to be sleep-talking, too, though rather predictably, none of it's in a language that anyone but he and Liet are likely to understand.]

[He wakes suddenly, with a look of loss and longing on his face. For a few seconds, he looks around almost frantically for the things in his dreams, only to have his face fall when he realizes they're nowhere to be found. Confused and overwhelmed, he buries his head in the pillow and sighs.]


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