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[Poland appears not to have noticed yet that he's high as all fuck, so he's kept eating the candy, figuring he's just like, in a good mood or something. To be fair, his normal state is pretty cheerful and nonsensical, and he's chalking the disorientation up to the mansion's physical changes and the strange lights and music.]

[But! It's not important right now!]

[Because he found a bunch of body paints! He's got his (already slightly scandalous for him) t-shirt pulled up over his stomach, and the fingertips of one hand covered in purple paint, a smudge of it already evident near his navel.]

Guys! I like, forgot what I was drawing. What was I gonna draw? It's super important, I swear.

Also, like. Where are you? You're far away. I miss youuuuu~ You totally still like me, right? [Smiles, a little distantly.] 'Cause I'm awesome? And you're awesome. God, you're like. The awesomest. Ok?

[...I don't think he's talking to anyone in particular.]
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[It's hard to tell whether or not to be surprised at how well Poland has taken to his new role as a wife and mother. Sure, he's a little fail at most chores, but that's what delegating to the kid and making puppy eyes at the husband is for, right?]

[Besides, there's some domestic stuff that he's awesome at! Like making clothes for his family! He's happily curled up in a sunny nook somewhere, dressed like a proper lady, with an embroidery hoop, a basket of sewing supplies, and a skirt that he's working on tossed over his lap.]

Shuuichi, like, what color flowers did you want your new skirt to have? It's almost done~ I'm way excited to see what it'll look like on you!

And Liet, dear, I want to have my brothers and their families over for supper. Pakistan can like, come too, I guess. You'll totally help me in the kitchen, though, right? [Smile!]

Wolfram, Ritsuka, Augustus, everyone... you totally heard that, right? Come over to our place for dinner! It's been way too long since we were all together!

[OOC: Judging by other family relations, he ought to be brothers or in-laws with Seimei (Ritsuka's brother) and Cohen-and-Bambha (Oswald's parents, since Oswald is his kid's cousin and therefore his nephew) as well as the people he listed by name.]


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