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[When the curse hits, Poland is in the kitchen, grabbing a glass of milk and a thick slice of good bread to cure his midnight munchies. He's making his way back home, snack in hand, still unarmed and barefooted and in his pajamas, when he hears the sound of men marching in too-precise unison.]

[Around the corner, about half a dozen soldiers appear, in uniform. Wearing the insignia the Major wore, the one Poland saw all over those history books from the future before he decided to put them away and think on them as little as possible.]

[He's wide-eyed in panic for a moment, then darts into the nearest room to hide. And get a weapon. Not necessarily in that order.]

[Outside, the soldiers begin knocking on doors, searching for him.]

[OOC: Anyone who interacts with Poland WILL NOT RECOGNIZE HIM, and he gives off a sort of aura that make them all instinctively view helping him as far more trouble than it's worth, which is what he's really afraid of. Also, if you live on the first or fifth floor and want to say the room he picked at random to flee into was yours, please do!]
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[So it turns out that knowing when you grow up everything you love is going to be repeatedly torn away from you can sort of be a big deal. And knowing Poland, he's managed to run into trouble by now.]

[The communicator turns itself on to show him by the stables, fists clenched tightly as he tries to calm himself, head hung low enough that his hair hides his expression entirely.]

He's gone. They're gone. They--The Major, and Prussia, and Russia, even Germany they're--they aren't here, so they like, can't hurt us here anymore, so there's totally no reason to...

Everything. They're going to take everything from me...!

[He shivers violently, and the spots show themselves in the air around him.]

I won't let them. I WON'T LET THEM! They can't treat my people that way--they can't take Liet away--I won't let it happen!
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[Poland has been a busy little trap this event, running around fighting ghouls and helping get everyone in one place to protect them.]

[But what he just learned from Angel's accidentally contacting everyone has set him on a new track. He knows where the Major is. He's a man on a goddamned mission. He needs to get up to that zeppelin. And since he can't ask Elaine anymore...]

Aang, I need your help!
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Okay, so that was like, mega-lame! God, I'm glad I'm over that whole civil wars phase, it was so not cute on me... It was defs pretty hilarious how weird everyone was acting, though~

Anyway, I'm bored again! So like, I know back when we were all girls, I was like, talking with a bunch of people about comparing fashions from our homes and times by dressing each other in clothes from where we're from... How about it? Who wants in? It'll be way fun!

Before that, though, I'm totally going for a ride. Wolfram, wanna come with? It's been forever, ohmigod!

[Locked to the Major, difficult to hack]

You suck.
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[One of the hall cameras turns on as Poland is walking past, looking more than a little off balance and frightened. All of a sudden, he stops dead, a look of shock, pain, and dread on his face as he clutches at his stomach.]

No. Oh, God, no...!

[He sinks to the ground, curling up around himself and trembling visibly. After a moment, the camera picks up the muffled sound of weeping, and a few words repeating over and over: Kyrie eleison, Christie eleison, Kyrie eleison...]

[OOC: Pretty much, the Major got him alone by convincing him that Liet used pagan magic to seduce him, then gave him beer with hardcore hallucinogens in and used suggestion to make him think he was, uh, being raped by demons. Demons who can get men pregnant with hellspawn that will tear their way out of his belly. Because the Major is a BASTARD like that. Oh, and the hallucinogens have a side effect of stomach cramps. So, uh, yeah. He's... pretty freaked out and traumatized.]
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[If America has ever seen Poland this serious... it was about seventy years ago, and that's enough said. His eyes are cold, his fist clenched at his side as he looks into the camera, which doesn't completely stop him from looking like a temperamental child. Stupid early-teens body, making it hard to be taken seriously.]

America. Liet and I need your help.

We like, want to learn to fight with guns.
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Liet. We totes need to talk about something, as soon as you get the chance.
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[Well. That was that.]

[Explosions survived, evil lunatic killed, and whatnot.]

[The only problem now was going to be sneaking back in to the room where he'd left Lithuania sleeping, so soon after yet another "Poland, you need to be more careful" scolding. With scorched armor, scrapes and bruises everywhere, and no small bit of blood on his sword and armor.]

[...He's... just going to stall for a little bit. Because he doesn't want to get scolded again, and doesn't want to explain just why it was that he had to run off and fight for fear of worrying Liet, and... yes. Stalling.]

[In the interest of killing time, he heads down to the kitchen. He doesn't really feel like cooking, but whatever. Maybe he will when he gets there. Or maybe he'll get a drink and relax a bit. Whichever.]
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[Poland has cooled down slightly since his conversation with the Major, but is still a bit shaken and angry. While the Major stopped short of actually telling him what happened when Germany invaded him, it's clear to Poland now that Germany didn't tell him everything, and wasn't kidding when he said what went down was bad. There are footsteps in the background of the recording.]

Hey, someone like, tell me where the library is!

[...This really isn't going to be pretty.]

[ETA: Gokudera told him where it was, so if anyone wants an action comment log thing in the library, here's the place for it.]


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