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[When the feed comes on, you can hear a voice that sounds... vaguely familiar to those that remember Lithuania, though it sounds older, more settled into the pitch that it has than it was before. It also seems to be headed away from the microphone]

...don't remember ever having seen this place before. We must have taken the wrong turn somewhere - I just hope that we didn't manage to end up taking the entirely wrong directio- Poland? [A horse's snorting can be heard when the brunet makes his horse turn to look back at his partner who wasn't following him anymore.]

[Another voice answers him, one that sounds a little shaky. It's easily recognizable to a fair portion of the mansion, though it's a little bit lower than it used to be.] God. Liet, just like... wait a sec, okay? I think I might... No, I totally know where we are.

[There is a pause, and when Lithuania speaks again, he seems to be right next to Poland. There is a rustling of fabric - Lithuania laid one hand on Poland's arm. His voice sounds worried now.] Poland? What- are you all right?

Yeah! [A little too rushed, a little too emphatic. Nervous. He tries again.] Yeah, for sure, I just--It's like, been a really long time, and I'm just... like, remembering.

You were here before?

[The feed cuts off, but a few minutes later, the video turns on. Poland is a little less round in the face than before, but instantly recognizable.] ...Elaine? Nai? ...Gokudera? Like, is... is everyone still here? How long...

[[OOC: We decided to bring them back before the event starts :P]
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[The video feed turns on, to show a close-up of a boy in his mid-teens, who is frowning in confusion and tapping the display] --totally weird thing over here, Liet, seriously. Like, what is it even supposed to be?

[The voice comes first, and shortly after the head of another boy of about the same age appears, this one brunet and not blond, peeking over the first boy's shoulder]
It looks a bit like a stone, but I don't think... [He pokes the screen tentatively.] Maybe some kind of jewelry, or... I've never seen a religious artifact like that.

There's a little light here, but it's like, not even warm. That's majorly freaky. [The blond looks thoughtful for a moment longer, then shrugs.] Well, whatevs. We should like, be close to home by now, right? It's wicked cold, we totally have to hurry to get the harvesting done...

We're already late - [The brunet stands up and you see parts of a dirty, blood stained suit of armor. And then there is a sharp intake of breath, and he sounds alarmed.] Poland.
[He stares at the snow only a few feet away.]

[The blond--Poland--looks at his friend in mild alarm, then follows his gaze, and his eyes go wide and panicked. His voice is also worried all of a sudden.] ....At this time of year? We like, can't have been on the road that long! Teutonic's place isn't that far away! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, what about the crops?!

[Lithuania sounds like he's trying not to completely panic.] If we hurry, we might still be able to save something!

[Poland is still kind of freaking out, but takes a deep breath.]
Right... Right, but we totally have to hurry!


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