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[Poland is standing in the front hall, his cloak wrapped tight around him to hold off the chill and a look of extreme displeasure on his face.]

Like, what gives today? The door totally won't open, and neither will the windows! It's like, um, hello, the horses totally aren't gonna feed themselves out there!

I mean, I guess this weather isn't too weird--it's totes already the second week of Advent and all, can you believe that?--but come on!
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[Poland is going for a walk. Pretty ordinary, except that he's at home. And that the dream keeps switching at random between a bustling city--I don't suppose anyone's been to 15th-century Kraków--and a calm, quiet countryside, seemingly endless fields of late-summer rye dotted only sporadically with settlements, homes, and barns, spanned over by a clear blue sky. The scent of the rye permeates the dream, even the city part.]

[Oh, and besides Poland, everyone's a pretty pony--the workers in the fields, the nobles with their fancy saddles, the peasant girls with flowers in their manes, the merchants lining the city street, everyone. Yay, ponies! His dress is super-pretty, too. Totally the height of 1410 fashion.]

[For some reason--he can't remember why--it feels like a huge relief to be able to feel all of this, his cities and his land and his people, the steady heartbeat of everyday life and the sense of his fields turning from green to gold, getting ready for the harvest.]
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Okay, so that was like, mega-lame! God, I'm glad I'm over that whole civil wars phase, it was so not cute on me... It was defs pretty hilarious how weird everyone was acting, though~

Anyway, I'm bored again! So like, I know back when we were all girls, I was like, talking with a bunch of people about comparing fashions from our homes and times by dressing each other in clothes from where we're from... How about it? Who wants in? It'll be way fun!

Before that, though, I'm totally going for a ride. Wolfram, wanna come with? It's been forever, ohmigod!

[Locked to the Major, difficult to hack]

You suck.
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[So, if your character is friends with Poland, they might notice that he hasn't been speaking to them since the event ended.]

[That includes everyone. Yes, even Liet. Poland is so thoroughly embarrassed about everything he did under the influence of the event--including but not limited to crushing on Korea, agreeing to marry Wolfram, hitting Pakistan, weeping girlishly on pretty much everyone he knows, and (most crucially, he feels) losing his first kiss to someone he isn't into, then failing to recognize Liet and confessing his feelings to him while he thought he was a stranger--that he really can't deal with anyone yet.]

[He... He just doesn't even.]

[So as soon as he regained his sanity, he scurried off to a room about as far from his and Liet's room as possible, and barricaded himself inside. He hasn't been responding to network posts, and until now, he hasn't so much as set foot outside of the room.]

[Unfortunately, his "pretend I don't exist" plan is not flawless. He can't stay in there forever. After all, the horses need feeding!]

[...Oh, and so does Poland. So, late at night, he sneeeeeaks out of the room and down the stairs, to take care of the horses and grab food for the next day. He just hopes no one will see him... Ruin that hope for him, plz?]
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[The camera turns on just in time to catch Poland just about to launch into a hissyfit. Unfortunately for him, unless he's actually, literally about to go grab his sword and stab a bitch, his anger tends to be fairly... flaily and adorable and hard to take seriously. This post contains a gratuitous amount of pouting and foot-stamping.]

Okay, like, you know what? No. Totally uncool! Ohmigod, you like, show up out of nowhere, hide in our room making creepy noises half the night, freaking jump into our bed like you didn't do anything wrong--okay, no, whatever, I'm cool with that, it's cold, I get that, but you seriously could have asked, or like, not gotten all up in between us and taken all the blankets--and now this?

Not okay!

Seriously, what did the horses do to you?! [The two small gray aliens in front of him mutter something incomprehensible, in obviously feigned shame.] Like, how would you feel if someone braided your manes and tails together? If you weren't all weird and bald, I mean. Yeah, I totally thought so! Gawd, this is totally gonna take me all morning to fix!

[The aliens look up at him with their enormous eyes, and he pouts right back down at them, fuming.] Oh, don't even. Don't even, honey. Look, just... go bug someone else, before I for real try kicking you out the window!

[They skitter off, doubtless to go bother poor Liet instead.]
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[So the French Foreign Legion? It has cavalry. And as of the Great War, Poland's a little... lacking in official armed forces of his own. Or a home of his own. So he's gotten very used over the last century to working in the armies of sympathetic nations. For Your Freedom and Ours, baby. He'll think it's totes weird after the fact, but for now, this makes complete sense to him.]

[Cavalry Lieutenant Łukasiewicz is therefore pretty comfortable with his situation. Hey, he's got a job. A horse. Liet's around. If it weren't for the fact that they're in some godforsaken desert, why would he bitch?]

[He's riding around, on patrol for escaping POWs or recruits. Feel free to run into him more or less anywhere in or around the camp!]
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[Poland, all things considered, has had a pretty rough month. Historical spoilers, America's crazytime with the shooting and the tazer, Liet getting knocked out for days, omg cyborg Nazi, the sex change curse poking at his yet to be resolved gay-Catholic-crossdresser identity issues, getting caught crossdressing... yeah, it hasn't been pretty.]

[Does Poland care?]

[HELL NO! Like Poland lets that shit get him down. Please, what does he look like? A total loser? As if!]

[He's all bundled up in several layers of tunics, with leather gloves and sturdy boots and a fur-trimmed cloak, and has been out on one of the lawns in front of the mansion for hours, making super-cute SNOW PONIES! Ohhhhh, yes. There also appears to be a snow-effigy of someone in lovingly detailed Teutonic knight's armor getting trampled by one of the ponies.]

Like, check it out! Aren't they totally kick-ass? [Grins at the camera cheekily, his cheeks pink from the cold and his hair tangled by the wind, looking like he's having the time of his life.]


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