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Okay, like, you know what? Screw all this stuff about being losers or jocks or whatever! It's like, the people running around like they own the place, getting off on putting people down or whatever? They're the real losers, and if they think I'm gonna pretend they're half the hot shit they think they are, they've so got another thing coming!

[This, I believe, would be the other losers' cue to try and save him from his own big mouth, or the jocks' cue to visit on him the violence (apparently) due to a scrawny, mouthy little thing who doesn't always speak English or dress according to gender norms. Poland might be a loser, for this event, but he's never a quitter.]
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[Okay. Okay, so Dave has pretty much been... just sort of not noticing or ignoring his attention so far, he guesses? Which is lame, but he has another plan up his flower-covered, voluminous sleeve!]

So, like, I've been thinking! [Off to a good start, not looking too nervous yet...]

Okay, so last time I was here, I went, like, two years without any kind of boss, right, and it was super weird! And I'm totally an elective monarchy now--well, Liet and I are, but I think I still outvote him?--which means I basically get to pick whoever I want to rule, so, like... [Aaaaaand now comes the flustering! He stammers a couple of times, then finally manages to spit it out, blushing furiously.]

I-I totally want Dave to be my king!
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Okay, so like, it's totally not like we haven't had creepy-ass events before, right? Like, with the vampires, and everybody's worst fears, and junk. We dealt then, and we can deal, right? Right!

So I've totally been thinking, we should stick together in small groups. More than two, but like, not so many you can lose track of each other, right?

[He's not following his own advice, but he totally intends to... at some point?]

Also, I'm gonna go ahead and claim the kitchen as a safe zone. Anybody wanna help me defend it?
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[Poland doesn't look pleased. He's pacing the stone floor of his room, tugging at his collar the way a fussy cat would.]

I am so, so, so not down with this! If they wanna see us fight, they can come over here and see it up close and personal!

[He turns to his mirror, and makes a very rude gesture that he learned from observation of his future buddies, switching briefly into Polish: You hear that, creeps? You can totally tell your bitch of a queen, too!]

[Aaaand back to common:]
Screw this! I'm totally not going along with it! Who's with me?
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[Poland appears to be walking around unsupervised, which the doctors may note that he's not allowed to do, because his delusions include something about being a knight and he's gotten into some pretty heated arguments with the staff. In light of his oppositional-defiant disorder, though, it's probably not all that surprising to see him breaking the rules.]

[He's also wearing one of the pretty dresses that were in his closet, which should at least please the nice men in the white coats who keep trying to get him to accept that he is a she.]

So like, what gives? Is the Queen like, running out of ideas or something? 'Cause the hospital thing is so old news.

And like, why does the name on my door say "Felicja"? That's like, a girls' name! It was locked, too--I like, had to spend forever getting it open!

Well, whatever. Like, how's everyone dealing with this one so far? The food here sucks almost as bad as the last hospital's. Liet, where are you? You should totally make me something.
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[Oh, hey, everyone. Have some Poland in your afternoon! He's stylishly dressed for winter, and actually literally bouncing in excitement.]

It's like, totally Advent! And it's only two days until St. Andrew's Day! There's like, a ton of unmarried girls around here, right? We should like, have a fortune-telling party!

[Pagan traditions? Nonsense! It's a Saint day, duh.]

And we've totally got to have a proper dinner for Christmas and for Christmas Eve... everyone's invited~! Liet and I will probs need extra hands in the kitchen, too, when it comes down to that. Let me know ♥
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[Poland is out in the woods, dressed very simply, in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a plain pair of breeches, and sturdy boots. He's a little mess, and his hair's tied back almost sloppily, as if his only aim when he pulled it back was just to keep it out of his face. It's almost enough for him to look like a boy. Almost.]

[He's sitting on a big rock in a patch of sunlight, feet dangling lazily over the edge. There's a huge basket beside him, separated into two compartments. One half is filled with wild mushrooms, and the other with berries. On the ground, he's got a cloth spread out with the remnants of his lunch which may or may not have been lovingly packed for him by his husbando.]

Hey, guys! So I was out here looking for berries, right, 'cause like, I like picking them better than getting them from the kitchen. And then it totally hit me, like, BAM, ohmigod! We could like, have a cooking contest along with the tournament! That's totally something that people who can't ride or fight or shoot a bow can do, right~?

Oh, also, I figure we should do it this weekend, 'cause like, whatever event's gonna go down, it'll probably be over by then. Saturday, 'kays? You should totally come help me set up... you know you want to!

[That's right. His bubbly personality, almost all of the time, is 100% genuine. This event will really only affect him whatsoever when/if he has cause to think about bad things... left to his own devices, he rarely does.]

[ETA: Warnings for the Liet-Poland thread--cavity-inducing fluff. And boys kissing. But only barely. But it's a SUPER BIG DEAL to them, okay?]
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Ohmigod, ohmigod, you guys! I just had a totally awful thought!

Like, what if the Queen's trying to get rid of our hotness? Maybe she's like, jealous of how cute some we are-- well, I mean, like, some of us, not the ones who are ugly, duh-- and she's trying to make sure we can't be prettier than her by stealing our beauty sleep?!

I totally think someone needs to go to the top floor and make like, as much noise as they can all day. We can't let her get ahead of us! I'd like, do it myself, but I'm doing my part by getting as much sleep as I can back. So somebody get on that!
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[The camera turns on just in time to catch Poland just about to launch into a hissyfit. Unfortunately for him, unless he's actually, literally about to go grab his sword and stab a bitch, his anger tends to be fairly... flaily and adorable and hard to take seriously. This post contains a gratuitous amount of pouting and foot-stamping.]

Okay, like, you know what? No. Totally uncool! Ohmigod, you like, show up out of nowhere, hide in our room making creepy noises half the night, freaking jump into our bed like you didn't do anything wrong--okay, no, whatever, I'm cool with that, it's cold, I get that, but you seriously could have asked, or like, not gotten all up in between us and taken all the blankets--and now this?

Not okay!

Seriously, what did the horses do to you?! [The two small gray aliens in front of him mutter something incomprehensible, in obviously feigned shame.] Like, how would you feel if someone braided your manes and tails together? If you weren't all weird and bald, I mean. Yeah, I totally thought so! Gawd, this is totally gonna take me all morning to fix!

[The aliens look up at him with their enormous eyes, and he pouts right back down at them, fuming.] Oh, don't even. Don't even, honey. Look, just... go bug someone else, before I for real try kicking you out the window!

[They skitter off, doubtless to go bother poor Liet instead.]
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Hey, guys~ You like, wanna help me and Prussia settle something? No big deal, swear to God, just a quick poll and junk.

Who here recognizes me as a legit nation?
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[Poland is displeased. He woke up from a perfectly good sleep half-buried in letters, and when he read them...]

Okay, like, look. Whoever's writing these? We totes need to talk.

Just 'cause a man likes to look his best totally doesn't mean he's a pansy! And I'll so take you down if you need proof. And Liet and I don't--

[An arrow comes in through the window and lands at his feet, with (surprise!) a letter attached. He takes it and scans over it.]

Blah blah blah, calling me a sodomite, nothing new th--

...W-With a HORSE?! [Oh god what D=] Who would even--Oh my GOD, this is so unfunny!
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[Poland has cooled down slightly since his conversation with the Major, but is still a bit shaken and angry. While the Major stopped short of actually telling him what happened when Germany invaded him, it's clear to Poland now that Germany didn't tell him everything, and wasn't kidding when he said what went down was bad. There are footsteps in the background of the recording.]

Hey, someone like, tell me where the library is!

[...This really isn't going to be pretty.]

[ETA: Gokudera told him where it was, so if anyone wants an action comment log thing in the library, here's the place for it.]


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