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[Poland doesn't look pleased. He's pacing the stone floor of his room, tugging at his collar the way a fussy cat would.]

I am so, so, so not down with this! If they wanna see us fight, they can come over here and see it up close and personal!

[He turns to his mirror, and makes a very rude gesture that he learned from observation of his future buddies, switching briefly into Polish: You hear that, creeps? You can totally tell your bitch of a queen, too!]

[Aaaand back to common:]
Screw this! I'm totally not going along with it! Who's with me?
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Ugh, you have got to be kidding me. On Easter? Really, Wonderland? Totally low. It's like, supposed to be a feast day, not a get feasted on day!

[Catholic trap is so displeased with the theological implications of these shenanigans.]
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...So, like. We've totally been here a year now.

Gawd, how weird is that?

No offense to the people here, but I totally wanna see my people again.
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[Someone's been avoiding everyone the mansion in a fit of awkward and angst since the mirrors showed up!]

[There's really just too much for Poland to deal with right now. His friend-breakup with Elaine, his encounter with Mirror Lithuania, the knowledge that Mirror Poland was free to scare Aang and hurt Nai and maybe do bad things to his other friends... He's curled up underneath his cloak in a corner of the overgrown garden at the edge of the forest, where he's been hiding out today.]

[The knowledge that his memories were able to disrupt the Mansion itself helps him, gives him hope, makes him feel more powerful. But...]

...I like, can't believe I forgot about them. I just... forgot. My own people... A nation totally shouldn't...

Gawd, this is lame.

Um. Is everyone like, okay and stuff? Apparently my mirror was a mega-bitch to some of you, so like. Uh. Yeah. Everybody cool?
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[It's time for an obligatory angsting-about-life-all-alone-on-the-beach scene!]

[Poland looks out at the stars, the cool night air whipping his hair around his face, and sighs.]

I like, wonder... when it all got so complicated...

[Further mournful staring into the distance!]
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[The camera turns on just in time to catch Poland just about to launch into a hissyfit. Unfortunately for him, unless he's actually, literally about to go grab his sword and stab a bitch, his anger tends to be fairly... flaily and adorable and hard to take seriously. This post contains a gratuitous amount of pouting and foot-stamping.]

Okay, like, you know what? No. Totally uncool! Ohmigod, you like, show up out of nowhere, hide in our room making creepy noises half the night, freaking jump into our bed like you didn't do anything wrong--okay, no, whatever, I'm cool with that, it's cold, I get that, but you seriously could have asked, or like, not gotten all up in between us and taken all the blankets--and now this?

Not okay!

Seriously, what did the horses do to you?! [The two small gray aliens in front of him mutter something incomprehensible, in obviously feigned shame.] Like, how would you feel if someone braided your manes and tails together? If you weren't all weird and bald, I mean. Yeah, I totally thought so! Gawd, this is totally gonna take me all morning to fix!

[The aliens look up at him with their enormous eyes, and he pouts right back down at them, fuming.] Oh, don't even. Don't even, honey. Look, just... go bug someone else, before I for real try kicking you out the window!

[They skitter off, doubtless to go bother poor Liet instead.]
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[This entry is locked to those who Poland considers a)friends, and b)people he can talk to about Boy Problems. Liet, since Boy Problems are always his fault, is not included. People like, say, Gokudera, who he likes but doesn't really think would be terribly sympathetic, are also not included. Definitely included are Hungary, Wolfram, Nitori, Elaine, Aerith, America... if you think your character might be included, go ahead and assume they are.]

[Also, if your character can hack at all, they can access this.]


I like, seriously don't wanna hang out here with Liet right now... can I come chill with someone else for a while?

[He hesitates awkwardly for a moment, then shuts off the recording.]


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