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Okay, so like, it's totally not like we haven't had creepy-ass events before, right? Like, with the vampires, and everybody's worst fears, and junk. We dealt then, and we can deal, right? Right!

So I've totally been thinking, we should stick together in small groups. More than two, but like, not so many you can lose track of each other, right?

[He's not following his own advice, but he totally intends to... at some point?]

Also, I'm gonna go ahead and claim the kitchen as a safe zone. Anybody wanna help me defend it?
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[Poland has built a trebuchet.]

[I'll repeat that, to let it sink in.]

[Poland has built a freaking trebuchet. In the foyer by the main entrance.]

[For the first two nights, he more or less kept his grip on things. But he is tired. He is unsettled by all that screaming. And, between arguing with like half of his friends, the Major being the Major, not being able to find Ryohei's sister, and Elaine blowing up, by nightfall this time, he simply didn't have the sort of mental strength left to resist the paranoia.]

[If he were thinking straight, he'd recognize that more or less everyone has tried and failed to bust out of here in the past few nights. But... he can't. All he can think is that everything is being lame, and he needs to get out now.]

[So he's been pulling heavy things out of the closet in the nearest room, wheeling them over in a cart, and flinging them at the veil with a gorram trebuchet.]

[It's not working. And after growing more and more frustrated and freaked out thanks to the absurd levels of stress, he's forced to take a break so he can move the pile of assorted heavy things that's accumulated in front of the totally unharmed veil from his failed attempts. Because they're getting in the way.]

[He slumps down next to what appears to be the engine of a car (not that he recognizes it), beginning to pound his bare fists against the veil.]

Let me out. LET ME OUT!


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