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[It's fairly evident that whoever made this post didn't mean to, considering that the majority of what can be seen is a Cheerios skirt. And thigh. There's a lot of thigh, too, very much exposed. And underneath dem thighs, there's another set of legs, and underneath that... one of the library tables?]

[Judging by the deep breathing and lack of panic, the people near the camera have yet to wake up.]
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[Poland is going for a walk. Pretty ordinary, except that he's at home. And that the dream keeps switching at random between a bustling city--I don't suppose anyone's been to 15th-century Kraków--and a calm, quiet countryside, seemingly endless fields of late-summer rye dotted only sporadically with settlements, homes, and barns, spanned over by a clear blue sky. The scent of the rye permeates the dream, even the city part.]

[Oh, and besides Poland, everyone's a pretty pony--the workers in the fields, the nobles with their fancy saddles, the peasant girls with flowers in their manes, the merchants lining the city street, everyone. Yay, ponies! His dress is super-pretty, too. Totally the height of 1410 fashion.]

[For some reason--he can't remember why--it feels like a huge relief to be able to feel all of this, his cities and his land and his people, the steady heartbeat of everyday life and the sense of his fields turning from green to gold, getting ready for the harvest.]
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[Private to Kurt, Hackable]

Okay, so like. I totally know I said we'd hang out soon, right? Except I feel like there was something else I said, and I totally can't remember what.


Like, how's everyone doing? Anyone else sketched out over that whole deal with the mouse? 'Cause ohmigod, that totally freaked me out like whoa.

Anyway, like, sorry if I've been totally out of touch the last couple of days. Sleeping, y'know?
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This is so. Not. Cool, you guys.

I've like, got dark circles! This event is total Hell on my skin!

I told you the mansion was trying to steal our beauty sleep, but no--like, no one listened, and look where we are now!
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Ohmigod, ohmigod, you guys! I just had a totally awful thought!

Like, what if the Queen's trying to get rid of our hotness? Maybe she's like, jealous of how cute some we are-- well, I mean, like, some of us, not the ones who are ugly, duh-- and she's trying to make sure we can't be prettier than her by stealing our beauty sleep?!

I totally think someone needs to go to the top floor and make like, as much noise as they can all day. We can't let her get ahead of us! I'd like, do it myself, but I'm doing my part by getting as much sleep as I can back. So somebody get on that!


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