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[The video clicks on to show the Polish exchange student standing in front of a mirror, dressed in the girls' uniform and busily primping for his day. He slips a pair of red and white barrettes into his hair, applies lip gloss (pausing to make a couple of faces at the mirror), makes sure his socks are pulled up to his knees...]

[An alarm clock beeps, and he jumps a little.]

Oh, kurwa, is it that late already? God! Why didn't Liet wake me up earlier?

[Probably because it was impossible. He pulls his shoes on, grabs his bag and communicator, and darts out of the door, hoping to be only a LITTLE late to class.]
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[The young nation is seated on the counter in the kitchen, with a corked bottle and a small glass.]

So like, I know people disappear all the time, but it defs seems like it's happened a lot lately. Maybe it's just, like, all the earlier ones catching up with me...

It's totally not just me, right? I think most of us, besides maybe the people who just got here, miss someone we knew here now and then. So, like... let's have a party! Like, right now! For the people who are gone, I mean. Nothing big or fancy, nothing that we'll have to prepare for, just like, hanging out and toasting our friends and talking about them. I call first toast, and I've got a few more I wanna make after that, but it's fair game for anybody. So like, come down and hang out for a while. If not for me, then like, for Wolfram and Pakistan and Lawr and Ritsuka and America and whoever you know who's gone.

It'll be awesome. We'll get mega-drunk, and like, talk about how awesome our friends are and do dumb shit. 'Kay? I'll totally see you here.
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[Poland's smile is a little bit forced this time around, but it stays up well enough. He's in his room, dressed like a little prince out of an effort to calm himself down and cheer himself up.]

Hey! So like, does anyone wanna hang out? It's just, it's like, it's been a wicked long time since I've chilled with some of you, and yeah. Let me know, ok? We can like, play dress-up or go riding or just hang and talk or whatever, just... let me know?

Oh. And, um, has anyone seen Liet? [A slight pause, as he remembers that not everyone here knows Lithuania by his nickname, and most of them don't.] Lithuania, I mean. I like, totes haven't seen him since the event, and we said we wouldn't do that whole lame avoiding-each-other-because-of-an-awkward-event thing again, so like, it's starting to wig me out a bit that he hasn't come home yet.

So like, tell me if you've seen him, 'kay? Or if you want to hang.

[He waves a little, then ends the recording.]
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[Poland is sitting in the broad, stone sill of a window in his and Liet's room, wearing a long, brown kirtle over a robin's egg blue chemise, with a little white half-apron tied in front. Cute, peasant-y, and modest, in a nutshell.]

So is it like, just me, or does this weather make anyone else wanna be out in the fields? It's weird to the max, like, being at this time and not having the smell of cut rye around. Especially after that dream.

I totally never thought I'd say it, but I'm majorly sick of not having any work to do--it's like, seriously, with that little chill in the air and all? Gawd, I just feel like I should be doing something, you know?

I like, guess I'm gonna start taking stuff in from the garden soon--it'll probably be just me and Liet, since Pakistan and Afghanistan bailed on us. But I don't feel like that today... that stuff can totally wait until tomorrow. Who wants to come out to the woods with me? I wanna go looking for nuts and mushrooms! I mean, I know it's like, not really the same when we can just get food from the kitchen and all, but it'll be fun!

Also, Kurt, did you like, ever figure out what we were gonna do that one time and then forgot about it?

Also also, I like, think I'm gonna mull some wine one of these nights. Anyone want some when I do?
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[Poland is sitting on top of a blanket, out on the patchwork hills. The stars shine brightly in the background.]

So like, how about that last event? Total downer, right? And now the turtle guy's all on about how much the next one's gonna suck...

Bo-ring! I figure we've like, at least got a few hours until the event starts, and it's a nice night, so we should totally enjoy ourselves now~ Come out here and hang out with me! I like, brought beer and w√≥dka and snacks, so we can just hang out and talk and chill ♥
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Okay, so that was like, mega-lame! God, I'm glad I'm over that whole civil wars phase, it was so not cute on me... It was defs pretty hilarious how weird everyone was acting, though~

Anyway, I'm bored again! So like, I know back when we were all girls, I was like, talking with a bunch of people about comparing fashions from our homes and times by dressing each other in clothes from where we're from... How about it? Who wants in? It'll be way fun!

Before that, though, I'm totally going for a ride. Wolfram, wanna come with? It's been forever, ohmigod!

[Locked to the Major, difficult to hack]

You suck.
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[So now, Poland's got bright red butterfly wings. Shimmery ones.]

[Needless to say, although he's had to give up on finding a way to make his wings work with his doublets or outer robes without damaging them and his clothes above the waist are limited to (gasp! scandal! No one's even going to notice that it's mildly indecent!) just a shirt, he is so pleased with this new development.]

Ohmigod, guys, check these out! Aren't they like, totally cute? I think this is like, the best event I've been around for, for sure! [Besides the gender swap one, but WHATEVER, he's not going to tell people how much fun he thought that was .D.b]

[Private to Pakistan, totally hackable]

...Hey. Um. I was like, all weird during the last event, and I'm... I'mlikesorryIhityou. 'Kay? Also, I think we should probs talk.

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[Poland, all things considered, has had a pretty rough month. Historical spoilers, America's crazytime with the shooting and the tazer, Liet getting knocked out for days, omg cyborg Nazi, the sex change curse poking at his yet to be resolved gay-Catholic-crossdresser identity issues, getting caught crossdressing... yeah, it hasn't been pretty.]

[Does Poland care?]

[HELL NO! Like Poland lets that shit get him down. Please, what does he look like? A total loser? As if!]

[He's all bundled up in several layers of tunics, with leather gloves and sturdy boots and a fur-trimmed cloak, and has been out on one of the lawns in front of the mansion for hours, making super-cute SNOW PONIES! Ohhhhh, yes. There also appears to be a snow-effigy of someone in lovingly detailed Teutonic knight's armor getting trampled by one of the ponies.]

Like, check it out! Aren't they totally kick-ass? [Grins at the camera cheekily, his cheeks pink from the cold and his hair tangled by the wind, looking like he's having the time of his life.]


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