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[Poland doesn't look pleased. He's pacing the stone floor of his room, tugging at his collar the way a fussy cat would.]

I am so, so, so not down with this! If they wanna see us fight, they can come over here and see it up close and personal!

[He turns to his mirror, and makes a very rude gesture that he learned from observation of his future buddies, switching briefly into Polish: You hear that, creeps? You can totally tell your bitch of a queen, too!]

[Aaaand back to common:]
Screw this! I'm totally not going along with it! Who's with me?
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[The young nation is seated on the counter in the kitchen, with a corked bottle and a small glass.]

So like, I know people disappear all the time, but it defs seems like it's happened a lot lately. Maybe it's just, like, all the earlier ones catching up with me...

It's totally not just me, right? I think most of us, besides maybe the people who just got here, miss someone we knew here now and then. So, like... let's have a party! Like, right now! For the people who are gone, I mean. Nothing big or fancy, nothing that we'll have to prepare for, just like, hanging out and toasting our friends and talking about them. I call first toast, and I've got a few more I wanna make after that, but it's fair game for anybody. So like, come down and hang out for a while. If not for me, then like, for Wolfram and Pakistan and Lawr and Ritsuka and America and whoever you know who's gone.

It'll be awesome. We'll get mega-drunk, and like, talk about how awesome our friends are and do dumb shit. 'Kay? I'll totally see you here.
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[Poland is sitting in the broad, stone sill of a window in his and Liet's room, wearing a long, brown kirtle over a robin's egg blue chemise, with a little white half-apron tied in front. Cute, peasant-y, and modest, in a nutshell.]

So is it like, just me, or does this weather make anyone else wanna be out in the fields? It's weird to the max, like, being at this time and not having the smell of cut rye around. Especially after that dream.

I totally never thought I'd say it, but I'm majorly sick of not having any work to do--it's like, seriously, with that little chill in the air and all? Gawd, I just feel like I should be doing something, you know?

I like, guess I'm gonna start taking stuff in from the garden soon--it'll probably be just me and Liet, since Pakistan and Afghanistan bailed on us. But I don't feel like that today... that stuff can totally wait until tomorrow. Who wants to come out to the woods with me? I wanna go looking for nuts and mushrooms! I mean, I know it's like, not really the same when we can just get food from the kitchen and all, but it'll be fun!

Also, Kurt, did you like, ever figure out what we were gonna do that one time and then forgot about it?

Also also, I like, think I'm gonna mull some wine one of these nights. Anyone want some when I do?
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[Poland is out in the woods, dressed very simply, in a shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a plain pair of breeches, and sturdy boots. He's a little mess, and his hair's tied back almost sloppily, as if his only aim when he pulled it back was just to keep it out of his face. It's almost enough for him to look like a boy. Almost.]

[He's sitting on a big rock in a patch of sunlight, feet dangling lazily over the edge. There's a huge basket beside him, separated into two compartments. One half is filled with wild mushrooms, and the other with berries. On the ground, he's got a cloth spread out with the remnants of his lunch which may or may not have been lovingly packed for him by his husbando.]

Hey, guys! So I was out here looking for berries, right, 'cause like, I like picking them better than getting them from the kitchen. And then it totally hit me, like, BAM, ohmigod! We could like, have a cooking contest along with the tournament! That's totally something that people who can't ride or fight or shoot a bow can do, right~?

Oh, also, I figure we should do it this weekend, 'cause like, whatever event's gonna go down, it'll probably be over by then. Saturday, 'kays? You should totally come help me set up... you know you want to!

[That's right. His bubbly personality, almost all of the time, is 100% genuine. This event will really only affect him whatsoever when/if he has cause to think about bad things... left to his own devices, he rarely does.]

[ETA: Warnings for the Liet-Poland thread--cavity-inducing fluff. And boys kissing. But only barely. But it's a SUPER BIG DEAL to them, okay?]


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