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[The young nation is seated on the counter in the kitchen, with a corked bottle and a small glass.]

So like, I know people disappear all the time, but it defs seems like it's happened a lot lately. Maybe it's just, like, all the earlier ones catching up with me...

It's totally not just me, right? I think most of us, besides maybe the people who just got here, miss someone we knew here now and then. So, like... let's have a party! Like, right now! For the people who are gone, I mean. Nothing big or fancy, nothing that we'll have to prepare for, just like, hanging out and toasting our friends and talking about them. I call first toast, and I've got a few more I wanna make after that, but it's fair game for anybody. So like, come down and hang out for a while. If not for me, then like, for Wolfram and Pakistan and Lawr and Ritsuka and America and whoever you know who's gone.

It'll be awesome. We'll get mega-drunk, and like, talk about how awesome our friends are and do dumb shit. 'Kay? I'll totally see you here.
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[It's hard to tell whether or not to be surprised at how well Poland has taken to his new role as a wife and mother. Sure, he's a little fail at most chores, but that's what delegating to the kid and making puppy eyes at the husband is for, right?]

[Besides, there's some domestic stuff that he's awesome at! Like making clothes for his family! He's happily curled up in a sunny nook somewhere, dressed like a proper lady, with an embroidery hoop, a basket of sewing supplies, and a skirt that he's working on tossed over his lap.]

Shuuichi, like, what color flowers did you want your new skirt to have? It's almost done~ I'm way excited to see what it'll look like on you!

And Liet, dear, I want to have my brothers and their families over for supper. Pakistan can like, come too, I guess. You'll totally help me in the kitchen, though, right? [Smile!]

Wolfram, Ritsuka, Augustus, everyone... you totally heard that, right? Come over to our place for dinner! It's been way too long since we were all together!

[OOC: Judging by other family relations, he ought to be brothers or in-laws with Seimei (Ritsuka's brother) and Cohen-and-Bambha (Oswald's parents, since Oswald is his kid's cousin and therefore his nephew) as well as the people he listed by name.]
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[There are identical letters, slipped under the doors of the following: Hungary, Austria, Germany, Muscovy, Latvia, France, England, America, Pakistan, Roshia, Elaine, Wolfram, Hubb, Iceland, Nitori, Ritsuka, Ryohei, Rose, Nai, and Jean. They're sealed with wax, with two distinct impressions pressed into it--a shield with a crowned eagle on it, and one with a knight on horseback.]

The Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania request your presence at a ceremony to formally recognize their betrothal, to be held on Saturday, the 6th of June, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the tearoom near the library.

Please contact us through the network to inform us of your intention to attend or not to attend!

Awaiting your response,
Królestwo Polskie
Lietuvos Didžioji Kunigaikštystė

[Wolfram's letter has a post-script, in Poland's hand.]

Are you still Don't be a It would totally mean a lot to us if you came.

[OOC: If we forgot anyone who's close to them or that Liet would think it was political suicide to snub, let us know and I'll add them;;;]
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Okay, so that was like, mega-lame! God, I'm glad I'm over that whole civil wars phase, it was so not cute on me... It was defs pretty hilarious how weird everyone was acting, though~

Anyway, I'm bored again! So like, I know back when we were all girls, I was like, talking with a bunch of people about comparing fashions from our homes and times by dressing each other in clothes from where we're from... How about it? Who wants in? It'll be way fun!

Before that, though, I'm totally going for a ride. Wolfram, wanna come with? It's been forever, ohmigod!

[Locked to the Major, difficult to hack]

You suck.
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[So, if your character is friends with Poland, they might notice that he hasn't been speaking to them since the event ended.]

[That includes everyone. Yes, even Liet. Poland is so thoroughly embarrassed about everything he did under the influence of the event--including but not limited to crushing on Korea, agreeing to marry Wolfram, hitting Pakistan, weeping girlishly on pretty much everyone he knows, and (most crucially, he feels) losing his first kiss to someone he isn't into, then failing to recognize Liet and confessing his feelings to him while he thought he was a stranger--that he really can't deal with anyone yet.]

[He... He just doesn't even.]

[So as soon as he regained his sanity, he scurried off to a room about as far from his and Liet's room as possible, and barricaded himself inside. He hasn't been responding to network posts, and until now, he hasn't so much as set foot outside of the room.]

[Unfortunately, his "pretend I don't exist" plan is not flawless. He can't stay in there forever. After all, the horses need feeding!]

[...Oh, and so does Poland. So, late at night, he sneeeeeaks out of the room and down the stairs, to take care of the horses and grab food for the next day. He just hopes no one will see him... Ruin that hope for him, plz?]
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[Filtered to Wolfram, Hackable] )

[OOC: He's apologizing for ending an argument over whether or not he should confess to Liet by, uh, pointing out that Wolfram's love life is just as painfully unfulfilling as his own. Basically, what happened with the recording is that he set the filter for Wolfram, but didn't realize he was already recording. Because 1410!Poland is so far from understanding modern technology that he's only mostly convinced that the communicators aren't the work of faeries or witches \o/ He's just saying, it would explain a lot about their mischievous tendencies...]


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