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So I'm like, super not in the mood for a party right now. I totally think I'm gonna sit this one out, 'kays?

[He's just going to stay home, take care of his husband, and guard him with his life.]

[And try not to die again. God.]

[OOC: Yeaaaah, I know we're still backdating the mirror shenanigans, but those are all supposed to happen in the first day or two that the mirrors were around, so. He's back to life, not that he's let anybody know about the dying in the first place, besides Liet.]
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[Poland's smile is a little bit forced this time around, but it stays up well enough. He's in his room, dressed like a little prince out of an effort to calm himself down and cheer himself up.]

Hey! So like, does anyone wanna hang out? It's just, it's like, it's been a wicked long time since I've chilled with some of you, and yeah. Let me know, ok? We can like, play dress-up or go riding or just hang and talk or whatever, just... let me know?

Oh. And, um, has anyone seen Liet? [A slight pause, as he remembers that not everyone here knows Lithuania by his nickname, and most of them don't.] Lithuania, I mean. I like, totes haven't seen him since the event, and we said we wouldn't do that whole lame avoiding-each-other-because-of-an-awkward-event thing again, so like, it's starting to wig me out a bit that he hasn't come home yet.

So like, tell me if you've seen him, 'kay? Or if you want to hang.

[He waves a little, then ends the recording.]
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[OOC: My internet connection's been... spotty, the past couple of days. Pretend I posted this like, a day or so ago? ;;;]

[Poland is holding his communicator as he walks through the hallways, seemingly searching for something]

Okay, so this is like, weird to the max. I like, wake up this morning, right, and I guess I overslept, and you know, that happens, whatevs. But anyway, Liet's not there, and I figure, okay, he like, probably got up to do chores, 'cause he does that. So I hang around the room for like... ever, and he still doesn't show!

So then I like, start getting way hungry, and I go downstairs, and it's kinda late so I don't really think he'll be in the kitchen 'cause he probably ate--except it would have been majorly rude of him to have breakfast without even texting to see if I wanted some, and he's usually all stuffy about manners and junk. And he's not, so I like, eat by myself, and then I figure while I'm walking around I can go see where he went.

Except I totally couldn't! He like, wasn't in the library, or with the horses, or in the woods, or anywhere! I'm like, kinda flipping out like whoa about this... Has anybody seen him?
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[So, if your character is friends with Poland, they might notice that he hasn't been speaking to them since the event ended.]

[That includes everyone. Yes, even Liet. Poland is so thoroughly embarrassed about everything he did under the influence of the event--including but not limited to crushing on Korea, agreeing to marry Wolfram, hitting Pakistan, weeping girlishly on pretty much everyone he knows, and (most crucially, he feels) losing his first kiss to someone he isn't into, then failing to recognize Liet and confessing his feelings to him while he thought he was a stranger--that he really can't deal with anyone yet.]

[He... He just doesn't even.]

[So as soon as he regained his sanity, he scurried off to a room about as far from his and Liet's room as possible, and barricaded himself inside. He hasn't been responding to network posts, and until now, he hasn't so much as set foot outside of the room.]

[Unfortunately, his "pretend I don't exist" plan is not flawless. He can't stay in there forever. After all, the horses need feeding!]

[...Oh, and so does Poland. So, late at night, he sneeeeeaks out of the room and down the stairs, to take care of the horses and grab food for the next day. He just hopes no one will see him... Ruin that hope for him, plz?]
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[Remember how Poland was all emo over boy stuff yesterday?]

[It got worse.]


[Also, he's doing his weeping in a ludicrously well-furnished bedroom, in a mildly skanktastic nightgown and an almost-sheer robe. Because that's how it's done in the soaps, y'all :|b]
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[Poland is sitting in his and Lithuania's bed, with his sword lain to one side of him and Lithuania still knocked out on the other side. He looks exhausted; it's more than likely that he hasn't slept since Liet was brought back to the room.]

Could someone, like, bring me some food or something? I'm way hungry, but I totally can't go to the kitchen myself right now...


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