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[Coming out into the hallway, Poland catches sight of the messages his mirror has been leaving him. His eyes scan over them briefly, and then he calmly goes into his room again. A few moments later, he's back, with a quill and inkwell in hand. He goes to the mirror that's being written on at that moment, sets the ink and quill down next to it, straightens up...]

[And puts his fist into the mirror. He's a nation, it's not like his hand won't heal.]

[Leaning down, he picks up his writing supplies, and scrawls on one of the larger fragments of the mirror:

[Just because you're broken doesn't mean I ever will be. Get lost.]

[Point delivered. That said... Man, his hand is going to be regretting that.]
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[Oh, look who it is on the screen! It's Poland! Looking very cute today, in a tunic and leggings that are totally manly in his time but just look like a short dress with tights to most modern people. He's scampering around his room, carrying armfuls of... stockings?]

[Yes. Stockings. A vast assortment of stockings, with which he is festooning every corner of his and Liet's room.]

[This is all Dave's fault, really.]
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[The video clicks on to show the Polish exchange student standing in front of a mirror, dressed in the girls' uniform and busily primping for his day. He slips a pair of red and white barrettes into his hair, applies lip gloss (pausing to make a couple of faces at the mirror), makes sure his socks are pulled up to his knees...]

[An alarm clock beeps, and he jumps a little.]

Oh, kurwa, is it that late already? God! Why didn't Liet wake me up earlier?

[Probably because it was impossible. He pulls his shoes on, grabs his bag and communicator, and darts out of the door, hoping to be only a LITTLE late to class.]
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[Poland is alone in his room, looking contemplatively at a little pile of clothing from the last event. After a few long moments, he goes and takes a dress off of the top of the pile, conveniently wandering offscreen as he changes. He returns to the screen a moment later, to take a little container of lip gloss out from under his mattress and apply it to his lips. When he's finished, he looks at himself in the mirror, straightening his hair and skirts.]

...I so still rock this.

[Little smile!]

[...The hilarious/sad part of this is how he really thinks this is some big secret. When most of the modern nations have seen him in WAY less modest skirts.]


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